Disturbing Video: Nigerian Soldier Allegedly Runs Mad After Smoking Colorado

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Soldier Allegedly Runs Mad

Disturbing Video: Nigerian Soldier Allegedly Runs Mad After Smoking Colorado.

It is no news that Nigerian Soldiers are well trained. They are regarded as the best in combat across Africa and we are indeed very proud of them.

A disturbing video of an unidentified Nigerian soldier surfaced online and is spreading widely like a virus. 

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In the short video which first hit Twitter, the gallant soldier in his camouflage outfit can be seen screaming and shouting words that cannot be understood.

While screaming he was also shaking and twisting his head from left to right.

Soldier Allegedly Runs Mad

The circumstances surrounding his behaviour were not ascertained at the time of filing this report, but according to social media users, the soldier might be suffering from epilepsy, an illness that’s not suitable for his line of job.

Epilepsy is a very dangerous sickness, it is a disorder that affects the nervous system and those who have it are always encouraged to walk in the company of friends or family. If it starts the person becomes abnormal and might inflict injuries on themselves or others around.

Soldier Allegedly Runs Mad

Other social media users believe that the military officer might have fallen into a seizure or ran mad as a result of too much highness on Colorado.

From the video, it seems like the soldier was having a good time with his friends as one of them who did the video caution others around to hold the soldier down after he fell off the plastic chair he was sitting on. He also urged the soldier to calm down.

Soldier Allegedly Runs Mad
Nigerian Soldier Allegedly Runs Mad

“Make una hold am, na Colorado, aiwa, calm down, make una bring water”, he said in pidgin language.

Colorado is very harmful when taken and most users with a light brain can get a seizure or even run mad.

The video shared by a Twitter user was tagged “What is going on here?”

Indeed, what is going on?

I might not have covered the entire story, if you have more information on the circumstances surrounding this video please share with us using the comment button.



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