Drama as Chicken Allegedly Attacks and Kills Woman in Broad Day Light

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Chicken Allegedly Attacks and Kills

Drama as Chicken Allegedly Attacks and Kills Woman in Broad Day Light.

In a rather dramatic yet tragic incident, a chicken attacked and killed a woman from Chingodora village. The woman is alleged to have died due to the injuries she sustained from the horrific attack.

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Chandapiwa Makaza age 42 from Chingodora village was viciously attacked and killed by a chicken as she was just passing by near Zvikomborero Takarinda’s homestead.

Acting Chief Zimunya said that this was a perplexing incident that has never has occurred before in Chingodora village. He declares that Takarinda has a lot of explaining to do as to why the rooster attacked the now deceased.

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“Before this incident, this had never happened in my area before. It’s mysterious and abnormal. I will soon summon him to my court to explain how a mere rooster could attack a woman, thereby leading to her death. We could not hold our usual court sessions due to the Covid-19 lockdown but business is slowly getting back to normal.

“We want to get to the bottom of this issue. Many people thought the matter had died a natural death but we will probe it further and hear the case in full. What happened is taboo, an abomination. Justice should prevail,” he said.

“I have never used the cock for any other purpose apart from breeding. However, the cock was in the habit of attacking people, especially women.

“This was just a different breed and people always borrowed it for cross-breeding due to its size. This was not the first time for this family to borrow it,” he said.

Villagers threatened to punish him. With no option, Takarinda was forced to kill and burn the rooster with tears running down his cheeks.

Takarinda is set to appear before the traditional leader’s court to shed more light on the mysterious incident that led to the death of the now-deceased Makaza.

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Chicken Allegedly Attacks and Kills
Chicken Allegedly Attacks and Kills
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