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Drunk Driver Knocks Down Man on Christmas Day

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very drunk african american man with automobile keys at bar

A drunk driver knocks down man on Christmas Day while on a reckless driving spree.

Christmas season is a time of celebration and having fun moments with friends and love ones.

Unfortunately other people take advantage of the fun to indulge in reckless drinking spree.


The story of a young man who was knocked down by a reckless drunk driver on Christmas Day is also a testaments to the later. The victim was save by the bravery of a good Samaritan Chiedozie Favour.

Chiedozie Favour wrote on his Facebook wall:

I feel so sad dropping dis message

Also calling for a change

On the 25th December I was on my way home around 12am but I have to pass through Abatic military barracks ojelegba lagos State I saw a few persons gathered in between the express way looking closely I saw someone lying flat and half naked on the ground, having gotten my attention I pulled over, it was a gentle man knocked down by a Honda Jeep as he was walking on his own guess going to make use of a nearby ATM.

This I gathered from the eye witness (G I G DRIVER ) who witnessed d incident. According to him when the vehicle hit d guy I heard a sound I was looking around for the reason for such sound but I saw d jeep move with speed and the front defender fell off , within minutes I saw this guy fell down , this means when d jeep hit him he actually went several feet into the air then fell down .

I asked : Did u find him with a phone; yes but it’s damaged.

They ask me sir please can u contact an emergency number? As our efforts to reach one proved abortive.I said no problem but I turnd looked at the victim on d ground struggle to catch air as is he deeply unconscious, pandemonium that he will give up was evident. Knowing the power in the name of Jesus Christ and the mystery of death, I got closer, bent low , laid my hands on d chest and the bruised head I declared : Lord thank you for this life is preserved in this body in the name of Jesus Christ and i rebuke death from this body as I shouted with a loud clear voice ” death go,out” !!! The people echoed amen.

Now the spiritual as been settled I am now in charge.

I called 112 ( emergency number) they answered I introduced myself narrated d situation but it’s sad that we stood there for close to an hour we didn’t see them against their promise,fear gripped all shouting he Will die, I said no, he Will not. I mobilize boys as we went to the barrack for attention.

We moved him to d hospital on our own wit a help of a military officer, oxygen was inserted and he is getting better.

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