University girl sacked over ‘scanty dressing’

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Rosemary Namuwanga, a Ugandan court clerk and interpreter who on September 2017 suspended for ‘indecent dressing’. [Photo: Daily Monitor]

A university student student’s teaching practice contract was terminated over her indecent dressing.

According to a letter of termination of contract seen by this writer, the school complained about the girl’s mode of dressing.

St Mary’s Mumias Girls High school principal lamented that the girl’s dressing was a shame to the teaching profession.

The University of Eldoret student was identified in the letter as Ngahira Beverly.

Miss Ngahira is said to have been a distraction to male teachers during her stay at the school and formal complaints being raised against her ways, she did not change.

“I hereby terminate your Teaching Practice in this school as per Regulation 65 (i) (b) and € of the Code of Regulations for Teachers in that; you defied lawful authority in regards to your scanty manner of dressing,” the termination letter reads in part.

The matter brings into focus the manner in which university girls dress.

To make matters worse, teaching is a profession that lays foundation for many students and how they should behave when they grow up.

“You did not conduct yourself in a manner that befits a responsible and professional teacher,” the school’s principal laments in the letter.

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