Girl Gift Boy Friend a Car for Christmas

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Girl Gift Boy Friend a
Girl Gift Boy Friend a Car for Christmas

Girl Gift Boy Friend a Car for Christmas.

It is widely perceived especially in Africa and Nigeria that it’s the responsibility of a man to spoil his woman with luxury and beautiful things of life.

Well, that may not be far from the truth, but the tables are turning and it appears the ladies are now the ones spoiling their men.


This is the story of a pretty girl who decided to surprise her man with a Camry Muscle for a Christmas gift.

According to reports on Facebook, the girl was said to have been saving N20,000 monthly from her salary for some period of time to surprise her guy with this Christmas gift.

Before you start tearing her apart, you must also consider the fact that the guy in question may have done something which in return merited this sweet gesture from her.

Just saying, you can drop your thoughts on the comment box.

Here are more photos and some reactions from Facebook:

Girl Gift Boy Friend a
Girl Gift Boy Friend a
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