HEARTLESS!!! POPULAR Footballer In Serious Trouble After 3 Hum@n H£ads Was Discovered Inside His Fridge

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HEARTLESS!!! POPULAR Footballer In Serious Trouble After 3 Hum@n H£ads Was Discovered Inside His Fridge

HEARTLESS!!! POPULAR Footballer In Serious Trouble After 3 Hum@n H£ads Was Discovered Inside His Fridge.

A popular footballer and sports commentator in Ghana has been arrested after three Hum@n H£ads were found in his fridge. 

The man identified as Richard Gyamfi a.k.a Fire Man who lives in the Sunyani Municipality was placed on suspicion after he lured a teenage boy who mysteriously disappeared.

According to the father of one of the deceased victims, Mr. Thomas Agyei, he explained that the footballer reportedly lured his son, 13-year-old Louis Agyemang Junior from a football park at Sunyani Abesim into his room and killed him.

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When they started to search for the boy, one of his friends called Tweneboa informed the parents that they saw him in the company of the sports commentator and footballer “Fire Man”.

Gyamfi became a suspect after he denied seeing the boy upon being confronted.

The parents, not convinced, visited the footballer’s home and saw that it was locked, they then invited some boys in the area to break into the room only to find the body of Louis Agyemang Junior lying prostrate in cold blood with his head slashed away.

HEARTLESS!!! POPULAR Footballer In Serious Trouble After 3 Hum@n H£ads Was Discovered Inside His Fridge

It was indeed a horrific sight for the parents to see their son in such a state. The boy who is a twin had left for the park for football training only to die in such a gruesome manner.

The suspect was reportedly beaten before he was handed over to the Sunyani Abesim Police. 

The police also conducted an extensive search on his home and discovered human being body parts in a sack. In his fridge, he had three human heads including that of Louis Agyemang. 

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The Abesim Police handed him over to the Bono Regional Police Command for further investigations.

Hmmmmm, gat me speechless for a while, wondering what he uses d body parts for, eating or rituals? a commenter wrote.

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God have mercy!!!!!

Evil people everywhere…

Chaii,indeed the heart of man is desperately wicked..

Ghana and money rituals are like bread and butter.

Hiaa this one pass me oo

Hum may God help us Africa

Na wa oh !

The world is terrible.

This guy’s conscience is under his foot. God have mercy.

Hmmmm…. The heart of man is desperately wicked! The boy just wanted to play football oh!

man inhumanity to man!!!

Who is this?!!!!! What possessed this one for god’s sake

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HEARTLESS!!! POPULAR Footballer In Serious Trouble After 3 Hum@n H£ads Was Discovered Inside His Fridge

Ghanaians. Tueh.

Africans, when would these ritual killings end. 2021 and we are still believing in human sacrifice.

Chai… what did i just read.. is he cannibal? Or its for rituals?? Africans o…. The police should kill the idiot slowly, they should start by plucking out one of his eyes.

Serial killer of Ghana. This is the height of Barbaric

We call them RITUAL KILLERS if they are black men but if they ( the perpetrators ) are white men, we would use same mouth to call them a more glorified name; SERIAL KILLERS. Oh! , we should be ashamed of our brainwashed selves.

Nobody pure again. Yahoo plus every sector.

This world no clear again, different deadly news all over the world. Lord have mercy.

Africa and wickedness. The twin boy has a living spirit that will not let go. Thank God for this discovery, because he will keep killing people.

They should state what make home to be doing such evil. No peace in the world again. God please cleanse our land and restore back love.

God of mercy

This is cannibalism!!! Not ritual

This is unbelievable. Africans and money rituals, tufiakwa.

As a radio commentator and footballer,you are definitely not a wretched fellow.Many youths,including the poor boy you murdered in cold blood,see you as a role model.Why did you decide to go on this path of infamy and wickedness? Wealth? Fame? I do not understand how a human being will have the heart to carry out this act of barbarism without his conscience pricking him.Shocking indeed.

Jesus Christ. he must be a ritualist

Cannibalism of the highest order.

Wonders shall never end, bullshit

Please, parents, try and control if possible monitor the movements of your kids abeg. The world we live in today, is evil.

Gyamfi, who once played for Ghanaian Division Two side Kum Apem Stars in Sunyani has been taken to custody assisting the investigation.

The 28 years old, is now accused of not just the murder of 13-year-old Agyemang, but also the murder of a 15-year-old Stephen Sarpong

No Stone Should Be Left Unturned – Stephen’s Parents

Recall that three other human heads were found in Richard Gyamfi’s fridge, one of the heads was identified as that of another teenager, Stephen Sarpong.

His family is calling on the Ghana Police Service to expedite action on their investigations about the case and deal ruthlessly with all those connected to the murder of their son insisting that no stone should be left unturned to get to the bottom of the matter.

Stephen’s head, together with several other human parts were packed in a refrigerator while the body of Louis Agyeman was lying on the floor with bloodstains around the head.

Mr. Yeboah Asuamah, the father of the slain Stephen Sarpong, said he was shocked to the marrow when news reached him that his missing son’s head was found in a refrigerator in Richard’s room.

Apparently, they all lived in the same neighborhood and Richard had been joining them to search for the missing child in the past week.

“He even came to my wife yesterday to ask whether the boy had been found. In fact, the suspect is a very good friend of mine and he visits me every now and then, and so it’s hard to believe he killed my son”, he said amidst tears.

Richard’s third victim is yet to be identified.

It Is “Sakawa” Boys – Residents Cry Out

Some residents of Sunyani expressed shock about the incident and blamed the murder on what they describe as the gradual infiltration of ‘sakawa’ boys in the area and called on the Police to act swiftly to flush them out of the Bono regional capital.

The residents say ‘Sakawa’ boys use human parts in their nefarious and criminal deals.

Sakawa is a Ghanaian term for Yahoo boys in Nigeria which combines modern Internet-based fraud with African traditionalist rituals

The term or word Sakawa is a Hausa word that means putting inside, how to make money. 

The rituals, which are mostly in the form of sacrifices, are intended to spiritually manipulate victims so that the scammer’s fraud is successful. 

Investigations are still ongoing…



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