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I wear hijab to kill rival cult mem­bers — 20-yr-old female cultist

I wear hijab to kill rival cult members —  20-yr-old female cultist

A 20-year-old self-con­fessed sniper of the dread­ed Eiye con­fra­ter­ni­ty in Lagos State, Mari­am Abi­o­la, Mon­day revealed how she killed four rival gang mem­bers in the Ilasama­ja area of the state.

Abi­o­la, who admit­ted drop­ping out of school in Senior Sec­ondary School 3, was arrest­ed on Mon­ay morn­ing by a police team from the Ilasama­ja divi­sion, led by the Divi­sion­al Police Offi­cer, Chief Super­in­ten­dent Titi­layo Oriy­o­mi.

The girl, who was arrest­ed togeth­er with three male accom­plices, said it was eas­i­er for her to oper­ate unno­ticed wear­ing a hijab.

She told police inter­roga­tors that a mem­ber of her gang she described as an herbal­ist always pre­pared charms for her before she embarked on any major oper­a­tion.

Abi­o­la nar­rat­ed, “I was arrest­ed ear­ly last year in Mushin. I had run away from my par­ents’ home in Abeoku­ta, Ogun State, when I was 15 years. After I fled to Lagos in search of work, I was stay­ing with one broth­er Wasiu, who is also a gang mem­ber. Anoth­er broth­er, Sadiq, said he would intro­duce me to a job that would be fetch­ing me mon­ey. He said I need­ed to blend into the sys­tem by being a mem­ber of the Eiye con­fra­ter­ni­ty. I agreed. There­after, Sadiq taught me how to use a gun.

By the time I went through train­ing three times, I knew how to fire accu­rate­ly.

Any­time I was going to kill, Sadiq would give me the per­son­’s pic­ture and send the address to my phone. I usu­al­ly wore a white male flow­ing gown and white hijab when­ev­er we were going to kill any rival mem­ber.

We always went in a group of four, includ­ing Wasiu and Segun. The gun was usu­al­ly tucked inside my white flow­ing gown. On get­ting to the tar­get’s house, which was usu­al­ly at night, oth­er mem­bers would jump through the fence and open the gate for me. I would enter and fire the per­son in the chest and fore­head before leav­ing there.

At the end of each killing, Sadiq would pay me N10,000 and five oth­ers N20,000. I had struck at Fabiyi, Has­san and Aje streets and anoth­er street, all in Ilasama­ja. Before we leave for any killing, we would vis­it the herbal­ist who would give us charms to put res­i­dents to sleep until the oper­a­tion is con­clud­ed. I nev­er felt bad killing any­body.”

Sadiq also admit­ted being a mem­ber of the Eiye con­fra­ter­ni­ty but denied know­ing Abi­o­la.

The Lagos State Com­mis­sion­er of Police, Imo­hi­mi Edgal, expressed shock at Abiola’s con­fes­sions, “It is shock­ing to see a young lady of Abi­o­la’s age talk of killings. Par­ents should pay more atten­tion to the kind of com­pa­ny their chil­dren keep.”

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