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Igala man emerges second youngest commissioner in Anambra

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 Governor Willi Obiano has appointed new commissioners in Anambra state
One of the new commissioners, Bonaventure Enemali, is from the Igala speaking denomination of Anambra state

Enemali is 33-years old and the second youngest in Obaino’s cabinet.
The governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano has appointed an Igala man as a commissioner in the state.
Bonaventure Enemali, 33, was appointed as a commissioner of youth and sports by the governor
according to source  Enemali who hails from the Igala speaking denomination in Anambra east local government area of the state is the second youngest in Obiano’s cabinet.
Bonaventure has been appointed as a commissioner in Anambra state. Photo credit: National Helm
The newly appointed executive members were inaugurated at the Exco Chamber by Governor Willie Obiano at the Government House, Awka followed immediately by the first Exco Meeting.
Obiano while honouring the outgoing Excos appreciated and encouraged them with medals of honour.
The new commissioner is 33 years old. Photo credit: National Helm
He also confirmed new members Excos who were later inaugurated.
Enemali is of the Igala extraction in Anambra state. Photo credit: National Helm
The governor while on a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari said the party is a strong party especially in the southeast region.
He also said that he will not be leaving the party because he is the leader and the BoT chairman of APGA.
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