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Iranian Nurse Allegedly Caught on Video Placing a Coronavirus Patient ALIVE in a Dead Bag!

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Iranian Nurse Allegedly Caught on Video Placing a Coronavirus Patient ALIVE in a Dead Bag

Iranian Nurse Allegedly Caught on Video Placing a Coronavirus Patient ALIVE in a Dead Bag.

A brief clip showing two nurses placing a coronavirus patient in a dead bag was widely circulated across social media networks. In the clip, one of the nurses was telling the other that the patient is alive, and the other is ignoring and going forward with placing the body in a black bag to take it outside the room. 

Translation: “A disaster. This is a leaked video from inside one of Iran’s hospitals assigned to coronavirus patients. Two nurses are moving the body of a supposedly dead patient. The first nurse says: He’s alive, not dead. The second says: Leave him, meaning ignore it. The patient was placed in the dead bag anyways. Where’s the WHO?”

The video sparked a lot of anger on social media, as people have been criticizing Iran’s containment measure of the novel disease that has killed more than 237 people so far.

مؤلمٌ ما يحصل للشعب الإيراني، يسقطون في الشارع كأوراق الشجر ….ويستعجل الممرض والنظام رحيله …ضاعت ثروات البلاد على الحروب الخارجية بدل ان توضع في خدمة تأمين الحدّ الأدنى من الرعاية الصحية.— Roula Hachem (@roulahachem5) March 8, 2020

Translation: “It’s painful seeing what Iranians are going through. They’re falling on streets like tree leaves. Both medical workers and politicians want to get rid of the people. The country’s wealth has been wasted on wars abroad instead of spending it to grant people the minimum decent level of health services.”

Iranian authorities have been facing a lot of criticism over their current strategies to contain the virus outbreak, with many videos depicting people coughing and fainting in streets.

Many Iranian political and religious figures have reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus, including lawmakers and diplomats.

“We can’t take it anymore!… The number of people dying in the past few days is increasing tremendously. Mazandaran is being destroyed… everyone is dying… I’m begging you,” says an MP from a northern province to a senior gov— Heshmat Alavi (@HeshmatAlavi) March 8, 2020

What do you call it when the people in #Iran‘s streets faint and fell down and yet the regime covers up the statistics of the Death toll in the country by #coronavirus?

Upon the latest reports from inside Iran, the death toll by this virus has surpassed 1400 today.— Ramin Jalali (@raminjalali25) March 5, 2020

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