Meet the Most Beautiful Female Army Officer in Nigeria who is also a Farmer

They say what a man can do, a woman can do better, this adage is not far from the truth as a beautiful female office have proven beyond doubt that some women are super human. The female officer in question is beautiful and gallant FAITH OGOCHUKWU.

Despite being in a profession mostly dominated by men, Faith Ogochukwu, has chosen to distinguish herself by engaging in farming of rice, a lucrative commodity consumed by many in Nigeria and Africa.

The young soldier went into rice farming to see if she could make more money from producing rice as it is already an expensive commodity in the market.

According to source, Faith uses her extra time to farm and still go to work during working hours.

Meanwhile she is not married, not that her salary can’t be enough for her but she is a hard working lady that wants to do something with her extra time. She also engage in blogging to support her career.

Speaking to our correspondent, Faith said:

I choose to be a farmer and a blogger to support my career. I may retire tomorrow and wish to continue doing this which will help in my up-keep.
Ladies listen, you can become any thing you want to be. Just be serious with your life and have a vision. Work towards it and you will achieve your goals. Don’t always depend on men for everything.

She is really a role model in the Military and we hope others emulate her foot steps.

See more of her pictures:



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