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It is very simple to own your own customized online store where you can display your products and services for clients to patronize you.

Now I know what you’re thinking; what’s he saying?

Yes it’s pretty simple and totally free to set up your online store and start making money selling your products using Balvinciglobal right at the comfort of your room. All you have to do is spend approximately five minutes of your precious time setting up your store and I will work you through the step by step procedures.

Balvinciglobal makes it easy for you to sell your products and services without renting a shop in a mail or marker place, considering the high cost of paying shop rents. You can operate your own customized online shop right in the comfort of your room or at your office desk.

Having an online store where you showcase your craft, products or services have proven to be great idea for making passive income doing virtually nothing than playing with your mobile device or laptop uploading products to your online store. This option is not only opened to local manufacturers and traders, but also, students, government/private workers can take advantage of this opportunity.


  1. The will to make money
  2. A computer system or smartphone
  3. Internet Service

Let’s pulse for a minute, I’m sure you’re wondering, “is this all I require to start making money selling my products”?

Well it’s your lucky day, I have news for you, to make money using Balvinciglobal, you don’t need to be a computer wizard or a programmer to set up your online store, before we go further, it’s important we take a review of the background and how Balvinciglobal online store works.

Balvinciglobal online store allows interested business man/woman, authorized dealers of all kind of products, local manufactures, tailors, shoe makers, traders, service providers to set up an online store where they can manually upload their products and services to engage customers.

Balvinciglobal is a platform which allows and encourages merchants to own a store where they can upload their products for patronage.


Brilliant question, now the idea of Balvinciglobal is to help manufacturers of local products in Nigeria and Africa advertise their products online for free to the right people for the purpose of boosting sells. One of the loop-holes aside “power” manufacturers’ encounters in the field is the high cost of advertising finished products to the right people. Take for example, the high cost of advertising your finished goods on electronic or print media.

What we are offering on Balvinciglobal is an opportunity to showcase your products/services not just to Nigerians or Africans but also to the entire world.

Unlike other online store where your products take a longer time to process before being uploaded, Balvinciglobal gives  you the opportunity to upload your products yourself manually which displays on the site automatically after going through necessary scrutiny.

You will start making money after successfully uploading your products on Balvinciglobal and we only charged little commission for every sale your make using our platform.


Just like mention earlier, it’s easy and I will work you through the steps.

  1. Log on balvinciglobal.com using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. While on the site, locate and click on “Become a merchant, sell on Balvinci” icon on the top right hand corner. It’s marked with a red circle on the image below.

     2. Click on “Sell your goods now” icon marked in red.

    3. Click on Choose file (marked in red circle) to add a cover photo you wish to use for your store,        preferably your logo or passport photograph.

After doing that, fill in the Following information:

First Name:

Last Name:

Email Address:

Phone No:

When you are done, click on next marked in red on the image bellow.

  1. The next step is to fill in the following information:

The preferred Balvinci store name you wish to use:

Your Business Entity:



State of Residence:

Click on next when done.

  1. Select your main product category, which is what you want to sell; it could be Fashion, Furniture, Groceries etc.

Read carefully Balvinci market place agreement before clicking on  “I hereby accept i” Icon marked in red. Click on next.

Congratulations the first step is completed. You will see a message thanking you for registering with Balvinci Global.

Now the next step will be for you to verify your account.


1. Login your email account used for registering, locate and open the verification mail sent by Balvinciglobal.

2. Copy the password marked in red, then click on validate Account. This will automatically redirect you to the user login area.

3. Impute your email address and the password you copied, and click on sign in. You would be logged in to your dashboard area.

Congratulations, you have successfully verified your account.

That was easy right? It’s a very straight and simple step. The final step will be to work you though on how to upload your first product on Balvinciglobal.


We have seen how to set up your online store, how to verify your store account, now we will take a look at how to upload your products and services on Balvinciglobal store.

Uploading products and services is quite simple, but first you need to have the photos of the goods or services you wish to upload in JPEG or PNG formats.

Balvinciglobal only supports photos in JPEG or PNG formats and it has to be high quality photos with white background. The size of the photos must not exceed 8 megabytes.

Note: you can upload as many products as you like on your customized store via your dashboard.

Follow these steps:

1. Log on your dashboard, click on products in the left top corner marked in red. If you have difficulties knowing how to log on you dashboard, just click here then enter your email address and password

2. Select add product on the drop down menu marked in red.

3. Select the category related to your products (Furniture, Electronic, Groceries, Health and Beauty, etc). Select the sub-category and class related to your products.

4. Specify the Name, Brand, Model, Colour and price of the product you wish to sell

5. Click to upload a photo of the product you wish to sell (field marked in red)

6. Provide a description of the product to attract buyers

7. Click on submit and finish

That’s all, Balvinciglobal will handle the rest, and your products should be showing on the main site after approval which usually takes less than 24 hours.

Note: when your product is approved, the product status will change from “Pending” to “Live” on your dashboard. You will also be notified on your dashboard when an order is made for your products.

If you have questions or require assistance, drop a comment.

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