My Husband Starves Me, Beats and N3ked Me In the Middle of the Night – I Need Your Advice

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My Husband Starves Me, Beats and N3ked Me In the Middle of the Night - I Need Your Advice

I Need Your Advice, please Admin help me post this story so that people can advice me.

I got married 2018 Jan and I never enjoyed that marriage, I am a graduate of Federal Polytechnic Nekede.

I came back for Xmas in 2017 and fortunately I went to see my friend and her cousin saw me and proposed to me on 1st Jan 2018 but I didn’t reply to the proposal.

The next thing he came with his kinsmen on 3rd of January for my introduction, yet it seems like a joke, then on 7th he came and paid the marriage rights both my bride price and I followed him back to his base.

One month after I went back with him, he started having infection and accused me of infecting him to the extend that if he is urinating ,blood will be coming out. I told him before infection will come out in a man like this , it will take some months or years and from there our problem started and he started beating me.

At ending of January, he said he wants to travel but I begged him not to go because I’m new in that area and beside it was Idoma land and I can’t speak or hear them.

I got to find out that before we got married, he had a son from his ex-girlfriend and the girl left the son at 9 months, I asked why he told me that she sent the girl out because she was not faithful.

The next thing he broke my phone and bought Nokia touch for me that he don’t want me to be on social network but he is always on social network.

He separated me from my family, not to call or communicate with them again.

He now made me a sales girl in the market and I don’t have experience of sales girl. He will stay at home, pressing phone, watching TV , and pressing laptop while I go to the market.

When I took in, he was still beating me to the extend that I have to run away at the middle of the night and slept in an uncompleted building with 5 months pregnancy.

When I was doing my NYSC, he still insist that after teaching at my PPA I should go to market, while he stay at home doing nothing.

I continued with the two job till I put to bed, when my mother came for omugwo, he will insult her and call her names, I had to she even ask her to go.

He couldn’t give her transport fare talk more of omugwo gift. Up till now he is still molesting me, sometimes he will naked me and push me outside the house at the middle of d night, starve me , even beat me up in the present of little children.

Lastly he wanted to defraud my friend and I interfered and he beat me up like a slave.

My baby is just 9 months old, please advice me

Sorry for the long post, please i need your advice.

Please this lady needs your advice, please disregard her use of English and advice her accordingly.

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