TRUE STORY: Boko Haram Shot A Man Thinking He Will Die But God Did This For Him

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TRUE STORY: Boko Haram Shot A Man Thinking He Will Die But God Did This For Him
Habila Adamu and his family

TRUE STORY: Boko Haram Shot A Man Thinking He Will Die But God Did This For Him.

One night in November 2012, the Christian Habila Adamu and his family were woken up by a knock on the door of their house in northern Nigeria. Outside, the men shouted and ordered everyone out of the house.

It was about 11 at night, the Christian got up quickly. He, his wife Vivian and their son encountered Boko Haram extremists invading their living room. The radicals wore robes and masks and pointed an AK- 47 rifle.

After announcing that they were there in the service of Allah, they began questioning Habila, asking her name, where she worked, and whether she was Muslim or Christian. ” I’ m a Christian, ” he replied, CBN News reports.

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The extremists told Habila that they were giving him a chance to live on the condition that he become a Muslim and declare the shahada, the Islamic profession of faith: ” There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger, ” they told him.

Habila had already prayed in the Spirit and was prepared to die for Jesus. ” I am a Christian and I will always be, until death, ” he replied.

Addressing Vivian, one of the men said, ” If your husband doesn’t cooperate with us, you will see him die. ” The wife cried in fear, certain that her husband would be killed.

The extremists repeated their offer to the Christian and he refused a second time. ” Do not worry. The death of a Christian is a great gain, not a loss, ” Habila told his wife, with the rifle pointed at his head.

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The men ordered Vivian to bring all the money she had in the house. The Christian looked for valuables and the little money the family had, hoping that her husband would not die.

But that’s not what happened. The militant, who was carrying the AK- 47, put the gun to Habila’ s mouth and said: ” Since you refuse to become a Muslim, here is your reward! ” he said, pulling the trigger.

The Christian fell to the ground, bleeding. Vivian cried out in despair. ” Shut up woman! If you try to get help, we will find you and kill you and your son, ” one of the men yelled. They kicked the body to check if he was dead, chanting ” Allahu Akbar [Allah is great]! ” And they left.

Habila Adamu Became The Sole Survivor Of The Attack

During this November 2012 attack, Boko Haram raided more than 30 houses of church members in Haliba, Nigeria. All the Christians refused to leave Jesus and were killed. Haliba’ s family was the only one to survive the attack.

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Miraculously, the Christian survived his injuries after being transferred to various hospitals. Analyzing his state of health, a doctor declared that he only survived thanks to God.

After the attack, the Christian has shared his testimony and has said that he forgives and loves the criminals who tried to kill him. ” Christ died for us. He loves us. That’ s why we must show that love to people who hate us, ” Haliba explained.

He concluded: ” Since that day, I have been praying to God: ‘ Lord, forgive them. ‘ My prayer is that you will be saved and not condemned. I love them. If I get the chance to see them, I will hug them and pray for them. “



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