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See How a Guy won the Heart of a Pretty Girl Using Football Lyrics

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Girls are known to always play hard to get. Even when she’s single, she’ll still tell you she has a boyfriend. It’s just a technique they use to form hard to get.

A die-hard soccer fan was madly in love with this sweet girl, but she was forming hard to get as usual. So on a very good day, the guy summon courage and approached the girl to express his feelings to her.

Here is how the conversation went between them:

GUY: Babe I really want you to be mine.

Girl: Lol! I have a boyfriend sorry.

Guy: Goalposts have keeper but strikers always score.

Girl: Lol! You look like a defender in this one then.

Guy: Sergio Ramos is a defender, but he has scored in 2 Champions League finals.

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Girl: Whatever Dude! Besides my boyfriend is tall and rich!.

Guy: Manuel Neuer is 6’4 but Messi still chipped Him.

Girl: Lol! But you know that Messi is richer than Manuel Neuer right?

Guy: Sure I know but Messi isn’t taller dan him, so that is 1 – 1 and that was all Barcelona needed to oust Chelsea and move on to win the Champions League that year. So?

Girl: You never give up, do you?

Guy: Ac Milan were leading 3 nill in first half against Liverpool in 2005 cl final, yet Liverpool won the trophy.

Girl: Lol! This your knowledge of football will really take you places.

Guy: Lol, surely will, and the next destination

is your heart.

Girl: Don’t even try it I will just block you

Guy: In 2006 Petr Cech tried blocking

Stephen Hunt from scoring, Cech ended up hurting Himself.

Girl: Loool! You are a genius, call me I’ll be free this weekend!

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Anything is possible with Football enjoy the rest of your day.

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