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My mum Dress­ing Up Before me, Caused my Chron­ic Mas2urbation Prob­lem

A man has con­fessed that look­ing at his moth­er’s n3kedness and watch­ing her undress made him become a chron­ic mas2urbator.

A Niger­ian man, Kola­wole Ladipo has shared an intrigu­ing mes­sage to par­ents con­cern­ing some habits and s3xual behav­iours that could ruin the life of their kids.

In a recent post, he nar­rat­ed how a boy became addict­ed to mas2urbation by always see­ing his moth­er undress before him at an ear­ly age.

Ladipo wrote:



I coun­selled a young guy who was addict­ed to mas2urbation. He told me he can’t do with­out it. One thing that struck me in his con­fes­sion was when he said: ”My mum caused all this for me”.

Curios­i­ty got hold of me and I asked him, how?

He said: “I start­ed mas2urbation since when I was 4 years old; my mum has always been dress­ing up n3ked before me, I am used to see­ing her n3kedness. I am not moved to have s3x with her, but I always long to see mature ladies n3ked just the way I always see my mum dress­ing up n3ked before me.”

I still remem­ber see­ing her n3kedness reg­u­lar­ly till I was 8 years; and my dad do shout on her:

Send this boy out before you dress,’ but my mum would always reply by say­ing: ‘Will my son sleep with me? Stop plant­i­ng evil thought in his heart.’

Any­time I see my mum’s n3ked body, I long to see ladies’ n3ked body.

I then went into s3x at age 10 and till now I am not free from s3x and heavy mas2urbation…”

Dear par­ents, I hope you are not guilty of this? You are dress­ing up before your 2 years old son/daughter; you say he/she does­n’t know any­thing yet? That’s very cru­el.

Some cou­ples will be mak­ing-out while their 2‑years old child will be in their room with them; they’ll feel and think that he/she can only see, he/she can’t under­stand.

Sir/ma’am, that your child does not need to under­stand. See­ing your n3kedness or see­ing you and your spouse get­ting down is enough to plant abnor­mal s3xual fan­tasies and urge in that child. Remem­ber, it is now a jet world!

How will you destroy your own chil­dren with your own care­less­ness?

Don’t let your chil­dren see your n3kedness.

Don’t get down in the pres­ence of your child no mat­ter the age.

The scene sticks to the mem­o­ry, they may want to explore and exper­i­ment what they are see­ing.

Stop mak­ing free home-made ‘s3x clips or video’ for your chil­dren to watch.

Mum­my, sit prop­er­ly.

Dress prop­er­ly too.

Stop sit­ting as if you are in the labour room; part­ing your legs for your son to see your inner part.

Be very care­ful!

Dad­dy, don’t wear ordi­nary box­er at home, you sit down, your ‘thing’ is dan­gling and your daugh­ter is see­ing it. There are things you should not wear beyond your bed­room, just for your spouse. Don’t say because you want to enjoy your free­dom in your house. It’s not your house alone, it’s a fam­i­ly house/home. You are putting your chil­dren into s3xual bondage through these acts. The ini­ti­a­tion starts from home.

Mum­my, wear­ing ordi­nary bra around the house in the pres­ence of your sons is dan­ger­ous. Yes, they won’t lust after you, but you might be mess­ing up with their sen­su­al­i­ty; and increas­ing their curios­i­ty to see that of ladies out there.

Let’s stop being ‘s3xual mate­ri­als’ to our chil­dren. Rais­ing s3xually pure chil­dren, it begins at home.’ It begins with me and you.

My Coun­sel:

Thank you very much for the issues raised in fam­i­ly this sit­u­a­tion. It is still our respon­si­bil­i­ty to build virtue into our fam­i­ly. We need to learn from oth­ers.

You can make the change by shar­ing this mate­r­i­al to oth­ers.


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