North Korea is a country that has been hit hard by U.S. sanctions in recent years, as the international community, and specifically the United States government attempts to push its agenda about certain policies. These are especially in regard to human rights violations, and the North Korean regime’s intimidating nuclear program. Sanctions […]

“Mum??? Why are you here?” He turned looking round the room to see if it was really her talking to him earlier or just his head playing a fast one on him. She just kept sobbing by the door and wouldn’t say a word, how deeply caught up with the […]

A fast growing celebrity barber Faruk Abdulrahaman popular know as Masta Blade reveals secret behind charity hair cut project carried by him. Recall recently we brought you a report on the charity hair cut session carried out by Masta Blade during the salah celebration at kubwa satellite town Abuja. During a chat […]

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