Dear men, this is how to dress when attending a wedding (Photos)

Leave those jeans at home please

Stylish couple  (Instagram iamdivanista)

When it comes to weddings, women have loads of options on what to wear to the wedding. The men however, not so much.

The great thing about being a male wedding guest though is you always have the safe option of wearing a suit. Still, you should consider some things such as the weather, stipulated dress code if any, location and whether you want to match with your partner or not. Sadly, Kenyan men do the bare minimum when it comes to dressing up for weddings. You’ll literally see a man with a puff jacket and jeans at a wedding. Surely, make the effort even if it’s just this one time. Dressing up for a wedding is not so hard, you basically want to make sure that you’re comfortable and dapper, without stealing the shine from the groom. For a wedding, you’re better off overdressed than underdressed. Here are wedding guest outfits you can consider:

1. You always have the formal suit option.

Normally, for a wedding, you can get away with any color but you should be careful not to end up looking like you’re part of the groomsmen. A gray or navy suit is always a safe option especially if you don’t want to trouble yourself trying to create the perfect wedding ensemble.

Bryson Okut in a smart official suit -wedding style inspiration  (Instagram cittifficial_klothing)

2. A casual suit look.

Go for a pastel suit paired with a band collar shirt for instance or even a floral shirt. Ditch the belt and tie and complete the look with a pair of loafers worn without socks.

Fashion enthusiast Noble Igwe rocking a casual suit – wedding attire inspiration  (Instagram noble_igwe)

3. Another safe option is a custom made outfit.

Your tailor is your best friend when you have no outfit to wear. Think of a tunic shirt paired with matching cropped pants. This is simple elegance and very wedding friendly as you don’t have to worry about removing the blazer if it gets too hot.

Agbada style for men – wedding style inspiration  (Pinterest)

4. Seprates.

You could mix casual pieces with formal pieces. For instance, pair your casual pants with a blazer and shirt. You could either go for a tie or bow tie or leave it as is. Think of a Ralf Lauren blazer thrown over stylish chinos and a tucked in dress shirt. Fab!

Jamal Gaddafi looking dapper – wedding style inspiration  (Instagram jamalgaddafiofficial)

5. Good old Ankara.

Albeit a little overrated, an Ankara outfit is always a wedding guest option. Careful though to select prints and colors that don’t come off as too busy lest you end up looking like a catastrophe about to happen. Subtle prints and colors will do.

Ankara suit for a male wedding guest  (Courtesy)

6. Match with your partner.

If you’re attending the wedding with your wife or girlfriend, you could opt to go for the his & hers theme and twin in matching tailor made outfits.

Couple twinning in Ankara outfits – Wedding guest attire inspiration  (Courtesy)

7. If you don’t want to wear a suit,

Casual pants such as chinos or even linen pants paired with a nice dress shirt and a carefully selected pair of shoes is totally fine. This is especially a perfect look for a beach wedding or very hot wedding.

Casual wedding attire for a male guest  (Instagram gabrielakinosho)

8. Don’t shy off from accessorizing.

Sunglasses? A cane even? Yes sir! Weddings are all about bringing your fashion A game.

Accessorizing an outfit for a wedding  (Instagram noble_igwe)


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