Prophet Odumeje is Learning Work – See the New Pastor Who Slams Church Members on Floor for Miracle

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Prophet Odumeje

Prophet Odumeje is Learning Work – See the New Pastor Who Slams Church Members on Floor for Miracle.

We all know the name Prophet Odumeje both as a cleric and a lover of wrestling. We have seen him perform miracles by slamming his members and miracle seekers on chairs, just the same way it’s done in WWE wrestling.  

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His method of performing deliverance which has earned him much fame and accolades here in Nigeria and other African countries has also inspired other men of God to adopt his style.

Prophet Odumeje

Just recently a video surfaced online of a pastor conducting deliverance on his church member in a funny way.

Just like his predecessor, or should I say mentor, the pastor was captured slamming a man on the floor while performing what seems like a deliverance on him.

At first, the pastor held the man on the waist and gradually swung the man from left to right before swinging him to his right-hand side with force.

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The helpless man landed on the floor scattering the chairs close to where he fell.

It was indeed a funny scene, as the pastor (Odumeje Junior) who was performing the miracle also landing on the floor on top of the man.

Prophet Odumeje
Prophet Odumeje

Guess what?

It didn’t stop there, the pastor who is much shorter and lighter in weight than the miracle seeker jacked the man up with all his strength and put him on his shoulders, this time around, he slammed the man on empty chairs as church members ran for safety.

This method of deliverance is only common here in Africa, which makes us wonder if it was practiced in the bible, it’s no doubt very strange.

We have seen all kinds of things done in the name of performing deliverance. We have seen pastor giving church members jik to drink, we have seen pastors ride on members like a donkey, and we have seen pastors walk-on members while they lay on the floor.

Prophet Odumeje

I don’t know the name of the pastor or his Church, but from the video, it seems it’s a new Church as the members were scanty.

This sure calls for deliberation, are these men called from God?

If not how come they still perform miracles in the name of God?



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