The Ezu River & Awkuzu SARS; A short story of Blood, Bones, and Bodies

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Ezu River

The Ezu River flows into Anambra River which empties into the River Niger. Ezu traverses most of Awka North Local Government Area in Anambra North Senatorial District. The infamous Ezu River was where a lot of bodies were found. And even to date it still has bodies, underwater and floating. Your mind must be thinking; Another Titanic story? Yes, you’re wrong.

So many Untold stories about the Ezu River; floating Blood, Bones, Brains, and Bodies shrouded in mist and flies.

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Victims were shot, Strangled, asphyxiated, or disemboweled by the Akwuzu SARS operatives and thrown into the Ezu River. Many people and even International societies have indicted the Akwuzu SARS operatives for dumping more than 50 bodies in the river. “Akwuzu SARS” as people in Anambra and Enugu state call it, is responsible for Homicide, following their continuous killings of Young men in the name of Fighting Crime.

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Akwuzu SARS plays the role of policing, prosecuting, and executing without trials. It was a case of a Malefactor trying to enforce the law. Even if the place (Akwuzu SARS) was clandestine their evil activities were known to everyone. People who had been there said even in broad daylight, the place feels dark and saturated with the stench of Blood, body odours, and untreated wounds. Akwuzu SARS operatives just like Typical Nigerian Policemen, uses force, Torture, and other unapproved ways to extract information from suspects. Going by this you should know that more Torture and Torment are given to the innocent ones too for not admitting to committing a Crime which may eventually lead to their lifeless body floating on the Ezu River. Akwuzu SARS officers are known for mostly using Starvation, death by hanging, and headshots on their victims, there were cases of police officers blocking urinary tracts of suspects by putting sticks in their “pee holes”. When you read about their extrajudicial killings and unalloyed abuse of human rights you will wonder how such evils never made headlines. They had special welders that could improvise and make good manually constructed Torture equipment that was used to Torment suspects. Sometimes inmates would be so thirsty that they even drink their urine. It is hidden stories like this that make you think Adolf Hitler even treated the Jews fairly; during the Holocaust, concentration camps, functioned independent of any judicial review, and torture, starvation, and mass murder were frequently used just like in Awkuzu SARS.

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Awkuzu SARS are known for framing, Arresting, and parading people for crimes they had no proof they committed, just to extort money from their families. They are “Assassins of Assassin” because they were allegedly used by politicians to kill and intimidate people. Many victims who were very lucky enough to come out alive alleged that Awkuzu SARS officers were “ Repo men” as they harvested and sold the body parts of some people that their families couldn’t meet up with the money for payment of release.

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Some victims also alleged that at Awkuzu, SARS officers request for as much as 3 million Naira for suspects to be released. This needs to be properly investigated to discover its correctness.

 Awkuzu SARS is synonymous with Rogue dirty cops, lawlessness and the officers are known to have a near-God Obsession. During the Endsars protest, when Youths were clamoring for Police reforms, a heartbreaking video of inmates surfaced on social media. The inmates were seen in a well-coordinated gathering. They were almost half-naked, as they clapped their hands and sang in their mother tongue (Igbo), praying and asking for God’s intervention and deliverance from the place (Awkuzu SARS).

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On the morning of January 19, 2013, villagers in Amansea, Awka, Anambra State woke up to find the bodies of over 35 people floating on the Ezu River. For years, the exact killers of these people remained a mystery.

However, four years later in 2017, the people of Amansea, Akwa, and even international organizations accused the Awkuzu SARS of being responsible for throwing bodies in the Ezu River. The river is their only source of water. Until now, nobody seems to know how the bodies got there but they knew it came from Awkuzu SARS. EzuRiver has its source at Agbogwugwu in Awgu Local Government Area of neighbouring Enugu State. Awkuzu to Amansea is about 40 kilometers.

In October 2020, the infamous Awkuzu SARS became Famous for its doings. It led to more outrage for the youths of Nigeria who were already agitating for the disbandment of the Special Anti- Robbery Squad (SARS) and protesting Against Police Brutality. Awkuzu SARS to date still functions as a correctional facility where the minds of the offenders and police officers are the same, just that one could get away with Crimes and even murder without getting booked for it.

 By Okotete Happiness Joel


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