Queen Elizabeth Umeh Shares Her Secrets on Becoming the 11th Nigerian Queen

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Elizabeth Ezinne Umeh

Beauty pageants has evolved over time as it projects the word ‘glamour’, and Nigeria being the hub of Africa’s excellence have produced magnificent numbers of beauty Queens.  Though in time immemorial, beauty pageantry wasn’t embraced by Africans due to our culture and traditions, alas the tables are turned around with Nigeria producing the first native African to win ‘Miss World’, Agani Darego (2001).

A young elegant female model, Elizabeth Ezinne Umeh just emerged the 11th Nigerian Queen.  Elizabeth is the masterpiece of beauty, a true definition of intelligence. She is a native of Imo State of Nigeria and in this exclusive interview with Abel Wealth, she opens up on the challenges, and duties of wearing the Crown as well as her future ambitions.

Introduce yourself and tell us a brief background of yourself

My name is Umeh Ezinne Elizabeth, from Imo State; I’m a graduate of History and Diplomatic Studies from University of Port Harcourt. I’m the 4th child in the family of 6 and CEO of ‘Rhoy Skin and Body Empire’, an establishment I built while in school, prior to my emergence as the 11th Nigerian Queen.

What is the “Nigeria Queen” Beauty Pageant all about and how did you become the 11th Queen?

The Nigerian Queen organization, organizers of ‘Nigerian Queen Beauty Pageant’, has relentlessly helped young women find a sense of purpose by putting them on the right track and availing them the platform to exercise their full potentials.

The organization’s goal is geared towards discovering and elevating young women with exceptional values, virtues and strong passion for humanitarian services so they can impact our Country Nigeria positively through outreach and pet projects.

The Nigerian Queen Beauty Pageant has been in existence since 2009, it has Crown 10 Beauty Queens so far and I was crowned the 11th Nigerian Queen on the 10th of August, 2019.

What would you say made you stand out from the other contestants?

Well, I would say what made me exceptional was obviously my passion for humanity first, even while during the camping for this contest, my level of humanitarian services was viable and of cos, this happens to be one of the major point considered in Crowning a Queen. Also my hard work, dedication was another point I think the judges took into consideration.

Who is your role model?

Chimamanda Adichie

Tell us about the challenge(s) you experienced and how you overcame it.

(Laughter), well, one of the greatest challenges I have always had is shyness, I am a shy person, but I did a lot of practicing both in the mirror and with fellow contestants prior to the contest, and I would say this competition has helped me overcome this challenge, because I was willing to fight my shortcomings through deliberate actions.

Now that you are crowned the 11th Queen what are your Duties?

The first role as Queen is to reach out to the helpless and less privilege through humanitarian services. Then I have the duties of representing the organization that put me on this platform prudently. I also have to be a role model to my fans and other models out there looking up to me.

As the Queen, What are the Benefit(s) attached to this portfolio?

First, I will be given a brand new car worth N13 Million, then, I’ll have to go for a trip to Dubai, and I’ll become a brand ambassador of Explore Africa Foundation. Aside from that, I would be given a cash price of 2000$ and 100k voucher from market square.

What can you say about Nigeria Beauty Pageantry Industry?

Well, I would say kudos to the Industry; the stakeholders are doing a great job and have taken humanitarian services to a whole new level, touching lives of many through diverse beauty pageants and events.

With the current negative media attention about pageantry, what advice would you give someone on the fence about competing?

Watch before you leap, it’s not all pageants that are genuine, make your research first so you can be fully aware of what u getting into.

Aside being the 11th Queen, what other things are you passionate about?

I am passionate about being a successful business woman, while touching the lives of people positively

If you could only have one wish, what would you wish for?

That there was nothing like poverty in our society

What are you hobbies and how do you relax?

I love playing my violin, swimming and having good time with close friends. My violin helps me relax and I sleep a lot (Laughter).

Are you currently in a relationship or engaged?

I’m single

As an Imo Lady What is your favourite meal?

Swallow with oha soup

Who is your celebrity crush?


Which Brand and Celebrity are you looking forward to work with in the nearest future?

Geneviève, I would love to work with Tiahna Empire

How long is your tenure as Queen?

My tenure is for one year

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

I see myself married, flourishing in business, closer to God and greatly impacting the lives of many.

Finally, what message would you like to pass out to your fans and the organizers of this event?

To my fans, thank you for all your support, God bless you all, and to Nigerian Queen Organization, thank you for believing in me, I promise to make you proud, thank you for the mentorship and helping me achieve my ambition my dreams.



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