Who’s She; the Most Beautiful Dark Skin Girl in Africa?

I ‘ve often heard the word brown skin girl, from numerous source, celebrities, big personalities and even Beyoncé sang a song using this phrase, but that’s not the bone of contention today. You’ll agree with me that real beauty originated from Africa. The ‘brown skin’ on everyone’s lips is the mixture of African and other race.

Our dark skin is the perfect gift from God that cannot be bought and it’s our unique identity, our ID card. The most beautiful people on earth are those privileged to share the mixture of African race.

Her name is Queeneth, the pretty dark skin girl on this context; no doubt her beauty is beyond imagination, a masterpiece. I bumped into her on social media and couldn’t look past, I had to share. She’s a definition of perfection, Africa’s own, our ‘dark skin girl’ and I belief she deserves to be crowned Africa Most Beautiful Dark Skin Girl.

I’m sure you share the same thoughts as mine, let’s put her out there, May she reign…


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