Quickly rush and conduct HIV test if you have these symptoms

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Quickly rush and conduct HIV test if you have these symptoms
There are many symptoms of HIV. And the symptoms is not the same in everyone, which means not everyone that will have the same symptoms. It depends on the person, the blood and what stage of the disease they are in that will determine the symptoms they will be seeing.
Below I’ll be showing you some early symptoms of HIV and some of the symptoms people may see.

Stage 1: Acute HIV Infection

Within the short period of 2 to 4 weeks after the person may have been infected with HIV, some people will be experiencing a flu-like illness. In which is the body’s natural response to HIV infection.

Flu-like symptoms can include:
Night sweats
Muscle aches
Sore throat
Swollen lymph nodes
Mouth ulcers
These symptoms can last anywhere for some few days to some weeks. Also some people will not even have any symptoms at all during this first early stage of HIV.

In case you are seeing some of these symptoms, please don’t assume you have HIV just because you have any of these symptoms—they can be similar to those caused by other illnesses. But if you think you may have been exposed to HIV, it will be better you quickly get an HIV test.

In case you’re test HIV positive , that’s not the end, there are HIV medicine which they will prescribe for you that will sustain you till your entire life and it will reduce the risk of transmitting it to your sex partner.


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