See All the Things You Should Avoid If Your Genotype Is AS

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See All the Things You Should Avoid If Your Genotype Is AS

One of the main factors when considering which person to take as your life partner is their genotype. Choosing the right partner with the wrong genotype always leads to problems in the long run.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the different types of genotypes and the characteristics of each of them.

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Genotype refers to the genetic makeup of an organism. A genotype is the genetic makeup of human beings. It is a person’s inherited genetic identity, transferred from parents through genes.

See All the Things You Should Avoid If Your Genotype Is AS

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There are many types of genotypes, which also indicate a person’s blood group, we have AA, As, SS, SC, AC, CC genotypes.

For people with Genotype AS, it is a result of a combination of father and mother. It may be that the mother is AS while the father is AA or vice versa, this results in AS or AA children.

Furthermore, for people with AS, these are the likely challenges they usually face which is normal considering the combination of genes from both parents.

Here are some of the challenges:

Highly Prone to Malaria and typhoid

It is believed that people with genotype AS are prone to malaria due to their low resistance to the disease.

See All the Things You Should Avoid If Your Genotype Is AS

The problem of choosing a life partner

People with this genotype cannot just marry a man or woman of your choice.

They only marry someone whose genotype is AA. If they marry someone who is not AA, they may end up giving birth to sickle cell children, SS.

They are Sometimes Too Weak to Work of Long

People with genotype AS people have very little strength, they carry out heavy labor for a long time. They are very fragile and easily catch cold and get sick because their immune system is as strong as AA.

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