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Parents Get in Here, This is Reasons Why Your Child Is Dumb

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School Students

Serious Tuesday

My child is 9 years old and he’s in SS1

The above statement is the reason why parents push their kids so much beyond their capabilities, making them to jump classes, thereby not getting the adequate knowledge they are supposed to get at a particular stage

School will soon resume by September and the drama will start. You will see parents forcing their wards to classes they are not qualified for, by reason of age all in a bid to make them finish before their mates.

How can a parent take a 3 year old child to school and force the school authorities to put her in nursery 3?, A child that should be in nursery 1, all because you want to boast to all and sundry that your child graduated from university at the age of 15.

Every child has a particular class he/she can assimilate academically depending on his/her age. making that child jump from that class to a higher class because you want him to finish school on time will make that child hang. Allow the child to go through the class appropriate for his age so that he can be well grounded on the knowledge he needs at that age and for that stage.

Jumping class is not meant for every child, it is for children whose intelligence quotient are far higher than that of an average children of their age(geniuses) and believe me, if need be, such suggestions always comes from their class teachers who may have properly studied and ascertained that the child should be pushed to a higher class.

The problem with us parents is competition. We want to intimidate other parents that our wards are doing better than theirs. We fail to remember that there’s no competition in Destiny. That a child left school early doesn’t mean he/she will be ahead of her equals in life and vice versa.

Some finished school on time but had delays in getting a job, some were fortunate to land a good job immediately after school but had delays in marriage. For another, it wasn’t marital delay but delay in child bearing, so you see, rushing a child to jump class and finish on time doesn’t mean rushing him into fulfilling his destiny.

Allow a child to follow procedures( due process), so he can be well grounded because in the end what will be, will be.

My name is Mma Eka , the truth you know will set you free, but it will first piss you off.

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