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The Act of Addiction – EPISODE 1

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He stood there, panting heavily, sweats drooping all over his face, quick, crazy thoughts sweeping his dark mind.

He starts pacing back and forth in the shabby room, where he’d taken refuge for days untold now, he was losing it now, swiftly he ran his hands over his body searching the breast pocket of his used to be white T-shirt which now looked weak and faded from constant wearing perhaps, finding nothing he flung his hands upward.

“No! No!! No!! It’s got to be somewhere, somewhere!”… He rips the shirt off his body, flinging it across the room. Again he starts running his hands over his dark blue Jean that was ripped, torn on the knees and beyond….

What they liked to call crazy, searching every pocket on it, first the side pockets and then the back pockets “Argh!!!!!” His whole head was spinning now, as well the room.

His eyes, a flurry of red like he’d cried rain, he’d been rolling them round the room, pacing up and down, hoping he’d find it, what he craved for, what gave him life. “I need it…I need it!!”

He searched the back pockets again, carefully, taking his time now….there! He found it, curled up in the corners of his left back pocket. Immediately he pulled it out, gasping for breath, clutching the substance Luke gave him the night before like his life depended solely on it now, his breathing slowed down as his eyes beheld what was wrapped in a small piece of paper.

He unwrapped the paper in seconds, seeing what seemed to be “his remedy!” As He thought. He settled on the hard floor, pouring the powder on the old wooden stool beside him. Wearily he bent his head slightly forward to feast on it, the white, powdered substance, ‘cocaine’…..

Desperate as he was he didn’t wait a second before snorting and sniffing deeply. As he snorted the last he threw his head up, and backward. Letting out a great sigh finally he felt better…finally!

“Please come home…” A small voice said, sobbing.

“Why….what…how did you get here?….”

By: Alechenu Godwin

From Toktok9ja Media

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