The top 5 lower body exercises to lift butt, hips and thighs

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If you want to have the flawless body that you are dreaming of, physical activity has to become a big part of your life. It is not enough to perform two easy workouts in one month and then complain that you cannot lose weight.

If you are a beginner, we would like to recommend choosing exercises for each body part. It will help you strengthen and tone your body and burn extra fat. You can pick up the most effective exercises and incorporate them to your own workout routine.
This lower body training routine consists of fat burning exercises such as squat pulses, donkey kicks, squat side kicks, chair kicks and doggy hydrants. These exercises focus on sculpting your butt and toning your legs. You should perform each exercise at least ten times and repeat three circuits of them. Do this training routine three times a week.
If you want to get great weight-loss results, you should reconsider your diet and change your eating habits. It’s better for your figure and healthier to start eating clean. You should balance your diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, seeds, nuts, lean meat and grains. Avoid eating fast-food and processed foods and drink more water.
Scroll down to read the instructions that can help you perform these moves correctly and prevent bone and joint injuries. By using these easy tips and performing this training routine, you will sculpt flawless legs and a lifted booty in no time! Are you ready? It’s time to start, ladies!
#1. Squat pulses
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#2. Donkey kicks
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#3. Squat side kicks
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#4. Chair kicks
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#5. Doggy hydrants
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