Uneducated 5-year old Nigerian boy, Taju becomes latest internet sensation

They say tiny drops of water

makes a mighty ocean. The story of 5-year-old Taju started as a comic relief
and now, he’s found his way to getting the care and empowerment him and every
Nigerian child deserves.

Taju who can be said to possess a
strong personality appeared to many as a hilarious kid when a video of him
unable to state his age clearly in English went viral.

Taju, after he was found

The five-year-old  became a viral sensation on
the internet when an individual, @elamefa posted a video of the young boy on

In the one minute video, Taju was
asked what his name and age was, but the lad only knew how to pronounce his
name and nothing more- he also could not mention the name of his school because
he is not even in school.

Elamefa Dayo, who is a comedian,
posted the video for the fun of it and in a few minutes, he got the internet
asking questions, who is Taju? Where can we find him? How can we send Taju to
school? Taju immediately got celebrities like Don Jazzy, Mo Abudu and Falzthebahdguy
interested in his case as they began pledging to donate to his cause. Don Jazzy
even promised the young lad the sum of five hundred thousand naira

Taju has since been brought to
Lagos by Yoruba actress, Funmi Awelewa who took it upon herself to find him and
bring him to town.

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He also met with comedian AY in Lagos on Thursday, June 14,
and the comedian has reaffirmed his promise to take him off the street and give him
proper education, a #Tajugoestoschool project for the 5 year old has begun.

While in AY’s office with his
parents and actress Awelewa, Taju was asked his name which he answered and when
asked of his age he reinstated that he does not know what they are saying he
instead asked to be given cheese balls which he pronounced wrongly.

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If you are out there thinking
that dreams don’t come true, let the story of the five-year-old boy named Taju
inspire you today.

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