UPDATE: Police Dig out More Evidence on the Murder of Super TV CEO by Chidinma Ojukwu

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UPDATE: Police Dig out More Evidence on the Murder of Super TV CEO by Chidinma Ojukwu

UPDATE: Police Dig out More Evidence on the Murder of Super TV CEO by Chidinma Ojukwu.

Lagos police operatives have now arrested the father of Chidinma Ojukwu, the UNILAG student who fatally stabbed Usifo Ataga, the Chief Executive Officer of Super TV.

According to a police source who did not reveal his identity, the suspect and her father were arrested at their residence, No. 57 Akinwunmi Street, Alagomeji, Yaba, on Wednesday, June 23.

It was reported that her father was taken in for trying to prevent her arrest and for becoming aggressive with police operatives, who went to arrest her.

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It was also revealed that the man did not buy the idea that his child committed any crime until she admitted to it on Thursday, adding that he was being detained at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba.

“She stays with her dad. Her dad and mom don’t live together. Her father was arrested on Wednesday, because he resisted his daughter’s arrest. He never believed that his daughter committed any crime until Thursday. He is at Panti as we speak, but he was not paraded today (Thursday),” the source stated.

UPDATE: Police Dig out More Evidence on the Murder of Super TV CEO by Chidinma Ojukwu

The suspect, who said she was a 300-level student in the Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos, admitted to fatally stabbing Usifo Ataga while being paraded at the state police command headquarters, Ikeja,.

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A lecturer of the mass communication department, who anonymously spoke to a newsman revealed, “I know her because of her beauty and innocent look. She is an introvert to the core.

“Left for her striking beauty, she is not likely to be noticed by anyone, because she doesn’t talk in class.”

A different lecturer also confirmed that Chidinma is a 300-level student in the department.

“Yes, in our group chats, where there are several professors, it was confirmed that she is a 300-level part time student of Mass Communication, UNILAG,” the lecturer said.

One of Chidinma’s coursemates as well, whose identity wasn’t also revealed said, “Yes, she Chidinma is a 300-level part-time student of Mass Communication. I know her, but we are not on talking terms; she doesn’t interact with many people. She is a recluse.

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“She is a cool girl, who comes for lectures and leave afterwards; she has few friends, who she talks to. I don’t really know much about her.”

Another coursemate revealed he had not seen her in the current semester, and also stated that their lectures could take place on Thursday as the lecturers did not come to class.

UPDATE: Police Dig out More Evidence on the Murder of Super TV CEO by Chidinma Ojukwu

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“I have not seen her this semester since we resumed on May 10. We were supposed to have lectures today, but the lecturers did not come. Likewise, her issue has been a major topic on our WhatsApp platform; it was a chaotic debate as members took sides,” he said.

The students revealed they regularly receive lectures between 5pm and 8.30pm weekdays.

Nonye Oguama, the spokesperson for the University of Lagos declined to confirm if Chidinma was indeed a student of the institution.

When contacted by journalists about the incident, Mrs Oguama stated she would not respond and criticized media channels for publishing the suspect’s claim of being a student of the institution.

“You did not contact me before. You are just doing so now after you had published it on your website. We have no comments,” she angrily responded.

During her parade, the 21-year-old admitted to withdrawing N380,000 from the victim’s account to pay her school fees.

Hakeem Odumosu, the state Commissioner of Police, had earlier stated the undergraduate was monitored for 48 hours and was arrested at her parents’ home in the Yaba area of the state on Wednesday.

Commissioner Odumosu revealed that workers cleaning the building, where the crime occurred, found the victim’s remains in the service apartment.

Odumosu said, “The victim, one Usifo Michael Ataga, happened to operate a media house. The lady, Chidinma Ojukwu, 21, a 300-level Mass Communication student of the University of Lagos, checked into the service apartment in Lekki with the man on a Sunday.

UPDATE: Police Dig out More Evidence on the Murder of Super TV CEO by Chidinma Ojukwu

“They were there together as friends, but on Tuesday, she departed and left the man inside. So, when the man did not come out on Tuesday and Wednesday, those who were evacuating the trash bins went in to do their normal duty and discovered that the door to the apartment was half opened.

“When they entered, Ataga was found on the floor in a pool of blood. He wore only his pair of boxers. So, we started our investigation and we were able to track the prime suspect and got her arrested. She has confessed to the crime.

“She said the drugs and alcohol that both of them took got them high and they were trying to have fun, but she resisted and the man insisted on having his way and that led to the fracas. She reached out for the kitchen knife and stabbed the man twice in the neck and once in the stomach. After he died, she took his belongings and fled.”

Chidinma claimed that he had become aggressive after she declined his request for more s3x, stating that she stabbed him under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The suspects said, “I checked for the place we lodged in online on Sunday and sent the details to him and he paid. On Monday, we were together drinking and smoking, we had fun and so I went to get food. On Tuesday, he was trying to make advances at me, but I was tired and he became violent and forced his way and I gave in.

“In the afternoon, we smoked and ate. We became high and I wasn’t happy with the first round of s#x; so, I was on my own smoking, drinking and eating my food when he came to me, while I was watching a movie.

“I told him I was not happy with what he did the first time. I told him he was not assisting me with anything, but was playing around with me. He told me to take his ATM card and withdraw any amount I wanted and gave me the PIN, but I told him that was not what I meant.

“So, he became violent; I was defending myself and at some point, he hit my head on the wall and I retaliated. He was choking me and I was on the kitchen cabinet, so I stretched out and grabbed a knife and stabbed him twice in the neck and once in the stomach.”

When the victim became weak, the suspect claimed she left the apartment and withdrew money from his account for her school fees.

She said, “We smoked SK and Loud. While he was lying there, I changed my cloth, looked for the key from where he kept it, and left the room. When I left, I didn’t reach out to anybody. I didn’t feel good about what I did.

“I withdrew N380,000 and not N5m from his account. I feel a lot of remorse. I wanted to use the money I withdrew to pay my school fees. I felt disappointed when the police arrested me at my parents’ house and it was when I was arrested around 10pm that my parents got to know about the incident.

“I live with my parents; I left home on Sunday and told them that I was going for ushering job. I used the foreign number I generated in texting the owner of the apartment.”

Materials retrieved from the suspect include a complimentary cards, driving licence, Access Bank’s statement of account, a Nigerian passport with number B50010434 belonging to the suspect, one fake driving licence bearing Mary Johnson with the suspect’s photograph, one National Identification card bearing the suspect’s name, UBA Automated Teller Machine debit card bearing the suspect’s name and a University of Lagos ID card in her name.

See how some people commented on the Murder of Super TV CEO by Chidinma Ojukwu:

A person wrote:

“If this girl was staying with her Mum the father and society would have said all sort of things about the woman. They would call her a pr#stitute and call her all sort of names for not properly bringing up her child. Nw there is no woman to blame for this.

The late Ataga had a beautiful wife yet he could not keep his d#ck in his pant

May God forgive his sins and let him rest in peace if he so wishes.”

Another said:

“The result of drugs, sense of false courage and boldness.

Human beings will look like chicken.

What a pity.”

Someone else commented:

“U told him , all he is wanting is s#x he is that he is not helping her in anything, he gave u his ATM and his pin , u told him that’s not what u meant

It’s better she said he came for more s#x she demanded transfer , she watched his hands and got his pin , immediately she knew his pin , her mind changed .

Nice work by the police , her house is not far from the Panti police station , the police can just trek to her address in 2 mins , she is their neighbor”



UPDATE: Police Dig out More Evidence on the Murder of Super TV CEO by Chidinma Ojukwu.

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