The Easiest Way to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Using Salt With No Side Effects

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The Easiest Way to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Using Salt With No Side Effects.

Emergency contraception (EC) can significantly reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortions, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the increasing awareness of EC among educated young women in Nigeria, the rate of utilisation remains low. This study, therefore, explores the main barriers to the use of EC among female university students by analysing their knowledge of emergency contraception, methods ever used, perceived efficacy, and its acceptability.

Research participants expressed strong support for abstinence and the use of condoms, referring to these as not only the safest forms of contraception but as the most efficacious ways to prevent the consequences of unplanned pregnancies. Most of the respondents in their early years of study particularly favoured abstinence, and these respondents were also the least knowledgeable about contraceptive issues. Among the sexually active participants, especially those in the later years of study, male condom was the preferred contraceptive.

The findings suggested that female university students are misinformed about emergency contraception and their reliance on unproven ECs constitutes a barrier to the use of approved EC methods. These barriers have serious implications for the prevention of unplanned pregnancies in the cohort. Behavioural interventions targeting the use of unproven emergency contraceptive methods and misperceptions about ECs would be crucial for this cohort in Nigeria.

Salt and Water commonly used as emergency contraception by some study group said to be taken within 5 min of unprotected sex has not been shown by any study to be effective in preventing pregnancy.

However, most young girls who use it, also admonish the fact that salt and water solution prevents pregnancy when taken properly.


Put a little salt inside halve cup of water, and stir until fully mixed. Be careful not to put in too much salt, this could be dangerous to your body organs.

It’s adviceable to taste the solution before drinking.

Like we said earlier, this has never been proven to work scientifically. Abstinence or the use of condom is more save.

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All Residents in Nigeria are to Authenticate Their House Rent Agreement with Adhesive Stamp Duty - FIRS
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