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Nigerian civil servant reveals the ultimate natural remedy he used to cure his glaucoma, cataract, myopia and other eye problems

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If you really want to see better without eye glasses/lenses, here is the solution to restore your eyesight and SEE CLEARLY AGAIN. You will be shocked when you discover the scientific breakthrough on that page. And you won’t find this shocking secret anywhere else.

Dear friend,
My name is Kenneth Iker and, the first thing you should know about me is… I am not a doctor. I’m not an expert on nutrition either. I never went to medical college and I don’t have a degree in anything related to medicine. In fact, the only thing I consider myself an “expert” about is…
I Know How Any Person In NIGERIA Can Regain Their Lost Vision In A Very Easy Way!.
I know… because… I CONQUER it.
This Solution I used that has worked for me and many others – work on the following conditions:
And Other Numerous Eye Problems.
Before I continue, I want to be VERY honest with you…
You see, you are going to want…really want…the scientific breakthrough described on this page…and…if you can’t afford it, you are probably going to be sick to your stomach.
On the other hand, if you are one who is financially secure…and…you would like to Reverse Myopia, cataract, Glaucoma …and other serious conditions, and at the same time restore your vision without expensive and harmful surgery…no matter what your age… then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.
My personal Optometrist (eye doctor) was so shocked that he had to apologize to me for telling me in the past that “I may have to wear my glasses all my life”
Well, I don’t blame him anyway, it was never his fault….
You see, as of May 2011, I had a visual prescription of 20/400 on my left and 20/250 on my right eye.
This means that my left eye can only see things at 20 feet where else eyesight-healthy people can see at 400 feet.
In short, I won’t be able to see your face clearly even if you are just 20 feet right in front of me.
I envied people with good eyesight. In fact, I was jealous of them!
I felt like a helpless cripple whenever I was without my glasses. The world appeared in a fuzzy blur and looked pretty intimidating. And my dream of becoming a naval pilot seemed impossible since the prerequisite is to have perfect eyesight…
But this magical pill saved me from going blind!
I’m not just saying this to scare you. It’s a fact you need to know.
Scientific journals have published multiple claims that wearing corrective minus lenses really does make your eyesight worse:
Of course, Dr. Bates realized this over 90 years ago… when wrote,
“If glasses are worn continuously over time the poor vision will generally become worse. Essentially what glasses do is lock the eyes into their refractive state and in order to see through your lenses you have to maintain the poor vision that the lenses are designed to correct.”

Wm H Bates: Perfect Sight Without Glasses 1920
Here are some quotes from more recent research…
“Minus lenses (glasses) are the most common approach, yet the least likely to prevent further myopic progression (nearsightedness). Unfortunately, they increase the near point stress that is associated with progression.”

May, 1984. Optometric Extension Program Foundation
“The use of compensatory lenses (glasses and contacts) to treat or neutralize the symptoms does not correct the problem. The current education and training of eye care practitioners discourages preventive and remedial treatment.”

Gottlieb, 1982. Journal of Optometry and Visual Development.
And to make sure I keep spreading thisSecret-Magic herbal pill that has helped over 85,912+ people restore better eyesight,I decided to take the campaign online and spread the message that “Nature actually heals”

This miracle solution complies with all FDA rules and regulations.
It is manufactured in china and administered for the United States FDA approval under strict C.G.M.P. certification (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), Plus, it’s approved by NAFDAC! …So you can be confident it’s a safe and healthy supplement.
Here’s the actual label of this pill showing you exactly what nutrients it contains:
Lo and behold, my vision is crisper and sharper. I do away with my eye contact/lens.
My eyes don’t become as tired and they feel better lubricated throughout the day. Best of all, I know I did all I could to support healthy, clear eyesight for the rest of my life.
And I’m not the only one. I’ve received story after story from thrilled customers who have seen great results from this pill.
Listen to what a few of them have to say…
Testimony 1: “Hello, I have started using the Vision Capsules product around a month ago and went to do an eye test just this morning. My optician really couldn’t believe it! He was so surprised with my improvement that he said that he never saw anything like it. (Not without surgery at least!) I gave him your website address and he said that he is going to check it out and try it himself. Thank you for making this available to us!” Donatus from Enugu.
Testimony 2: “Hi, would it be fine if we published this breakthrough on our website? We have still got so many skeptics and options telling me that it’s not possible to improve one’s vision, but hey, who cares, because my parents, wife and I have been using this product successfully and this proves that your Vision Capsules product actually works! We will get there, as more and more people are improving their vision and talking about it. Thank you.” Uba Wisdom from Owerri.
Testimony 3: “Hi! I want to give a personal testimonial and highly recommend your Vision Capsules product for anyone that wants to improve their vision. I have been suffering from short-sightness since a very young age. I was considering laser surgery but it’s expensive and dangerous. 

Fortunately, after giving a try to this modest product, my vision improved to a degree that I hardly need to wear Spectacle anymore”Ifeoma from Abia State.
Testimony 4: ”I thought I would live the rest of my life with Spectacle. My experience since I started taking your Vision Capsules product. I took the product at first because it was the fastest way for me to live without Spectacle. After 2 months of using Vision Capsules and my eyes felt renewed in just a few months – as if they were reborn.” Henry from Festac, Lagos State.
Testimony 5: ”Ever since I started using your vision product (Vision Capsules), my vision has literally improved over night. I used to wear spectacles all the time but now I’m already getting used to live without them. It’s difficult to explain but I feel like I am 10 years younger. Thanks for the product. I am totally impressed and satisfied.” George from Abuja.
But these are not the only testimonials. I don’t have enough room to post all of the success stories. But those are few quick ones I wanted to single-out and congratulate.
Are you having trouble believing all this? That’s okay – I’m used to people being suspicious… at first. But the truth is… You must experience it yourself to believe.
I’m giving you a leisure of taking a full 60 days to give it a trial run.
That’s right,
Your purchased is protected by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
You just can’t find a more generous guarantee anywhere else. Not even your doctor can give you a guarantee that your surgery will become successful.
That’s why they ask you to sign undertaking before they proceed with the operation, isn’t it?
Look! you can’t lose by acting, not when my guarantee is involved.
However, you can sit and wait for “change” …or you can take charge and make what could be one of the best decisions in your life.
You just have to decide.
20-20 perfect vision is within your reach, no matter how young or old you are. As long as you have some sight, This Magic Solution™ will help you see again. Guaranteed, or you get back every penny of your purchase!
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