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What are some of the effects of Continuous Smoking of Shisha?

Smoking shisha could be fun, but have you thought of the medical effect of continuous smoking of shisha over time?

Well here are what might happen if you continue this harbit

  1. Heart Attacks: Because shisha is basically the same thing as smoking, smokers are more likely to have heart attacks than people who do not smoke, there is also the risk for strokes also, especially in people with hypertension
  2. Heart disease: This is also one of the things that smoking shisha can cause in some people. Hypertension is also one of the things that smoking can cause
  3. Skin aging: Smoking shisha can reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches your skin, this makes your skin look older than it is naturally
  4. Infections: Smoking shisha can cause mouth infections like herpes when you share the mouthpiece with other people or when the container is not properly cleaned
  5. Lung Cancer: Since shisha is just the same thing as smoking, it can lead to cancer of the lungs
  6. Throat and Mouth Cancer: Smoking shisha can also lead to mouth and throat cancer, the chemicals from the smoke can damage your DNA and lead to these infections
  7. Bronchitis: Smoking shisha can lead to inflammation of your airways
  8. High Blood Pressure: The nicotine in the smoke can raise your blood pressure, in fact, people who are hypertensive can have more severe forms of hypertension
  9. Low Sperm count: Smoking can cause low sperm count and even damage your sperms
  10. Impotence: The blood vessels that are in the penis can be damaged by smoking, this can lead to poor erections

There are other effects of smoking shisha that can reduce a person’s health, but the truth is this:

  1. Shisha is harmful: Shisha is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes, and in many cases, because the amount of smoke inhaled is more, people get damaged more, for example a person puffs on a cigarette an average of 20 times, but they may take 200 puffs during an hour-long hookah session
  2. Shisha is addictive: IT contains nicotine which is highly addictive
  3. The cool smoke from the shisha bottle can still harm you

If your are already addicted, seek for medical help.

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