7 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night

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7 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night

7 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night.

According to research, it has been established that not having enough sleep at night can result in health-related problems in the long run.

Also, it is recommended to have eight straight hours of sleep to be sound for the next day.

A good sleeping habit enables the brain to rest well, it also enhances body metabolism which happens during sleeping hours especially at night.

As mentioned earlier, not having adequate hours of sleep can result in mental health problems such as dizziness during the day and even fatigue.

Insomnia is a major problem which many people most especially the youth face as a result of their lifestyle. For those who are not familiar with the word “Insomnia”, it means “Lack of Sleep”, or restlessness.

According to findings, 30 to 40% of youths around the world suffer from Insomnia and find it hard to sleep at night.

This article will address some of the things you can do to curb the problem of Insomnia or lack of sleep.

So what are the 7 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep at Night?

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

7 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night

One of the major triggers of Insomnia is the high consumption of Alcohol.

This might be surprising to some people, but it’s the truth and we’ll take a look at why this is so.

Alcohol contains substances that induce sleep, that’s why most times you pass out when you take it excessively.

This gradually distorts your sleeping circle, and when that is done, it becomes a problem.

Yes, it’s true, some people take alcohol to fall asleep, which makes them addicted and dependent on the substance to sleep well at night.

This is synonymous with using sleeping pills at night to sleep and we all know the repercussion from the constant taking of bills.

When you become addicted to alcohol, it means you have to take it every day to fall asleep, and you can’t get a sound sleep from alcoholic induced sleep.

The bottom point is to drink moderately, and don’t drink excessively during the day time, it’s much better to drink at night.

To regain back your sleeping circle, cut the intake of alcohol, it will be hard to fall asleep naturally for weeks, but as you continue practicing to stay off alcohol, then the sleep begins to come naturally.

Stop Watching Movies at Mid Night

7 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night

A lot of youths are guilty of the one, and I know a friend who watches movie all through the night and barely sleep for 3 to 4 hours every day.  

This lifestyle kills the body system gradually and is not advisable.

You might not feel the impact now that you are still young, but it might manifest later in life.

Nighttime is designed for resting after a hard day’s work, further stressing of the brain during night time can result in Insomnia.

Watching movies should only be done during the day time.

Apart from spoiling your sleeping circle, continuous stressing of the brain at night can result in other mental problems, such as loss of memory.

Go to Bed Early and Have a Time Table

Have a timetable for sleeping and always stick to the schedule even when the sleep doesn’t come.

Your body is made up of systems and it’s what you feed to it that manifests.

I keep a simple timetable for sleeping and I make sure that when it’s 10 pm I retire from whatever I’m doing and head straight to bed.

10 pm seems late though, but it works for me, I get eight straight hours of sleep to wake up by 6 pm.

You can try it; I can assure you it works like magic.

It might be hard to fall asleep when you first start the practice, but it gets better with time.

Don’t Force Yourself to Sleep

Finding it hard to sleep can be frustrating at times, most especially when you start having a headache from inadequate sleep. This can result in you trying to force yourself to sleep, and this is another bad decision.

Falling asleep is natural, and you shouldn’t try to force yourself to sleep, it only causes more damage than good.

Instead of forcing yourself to sleep, try new habits like reading a book at bedtime, and do things that can relax your nerves such as simple exercises and yoga in your room when you find it difficult to sleep.

There are no promises this will help immediately, but with constant practicing of this habit daily, you see results.

Using Sleeping Pills is A Bad Idea

It’s a bad idea to think of using sleeping pills no matter how tempted it might seem.

Sleeping bills just like alcohol induces sleep, and are highly addictive. I think it is more dangerous than alcohol.

When you start using sleeping pills, your body system gradually gets used to the pills and crave more.

Just assume you started with just one pill a day, gradually your body system starts getting used to the pill, and now you have to take two pills to fall asleep, and then three.

The circle goes on and on, before you know it, you’ve become a drug addict.

This is why it’s bad to use pills.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Another trigger of Insomnia is the intake of caffeine drinks.

Caffeine drinks such as coffee, Coca-Cola, and a host of others should be reduced especially at night.

If possible, don’t even take them if you are suffering from Insomnia.

Free Your Mind

The final point which is where I’ll drop my pen, free your mind, live very light.

Free your mind from whatever is disturbing and distorting your sleep at night. Forgive those who have wronged you, and seek forgiveness from those you have wrong.

None of these points mentions above can help when your mind is clouded with so many unhealthy thoughts.

Do away with those things that bother you when you go to bed to sleep and you’ll find sleep very easily.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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7 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night.



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