Chinese Girl Who Found Love in Africa Left Heartbroken After Giving Birth

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Chinese Girl Who Found Love in Africa Left Heartbroken After Giving Birth

This Chinese girl, who resides in China is rich, beautiful and well respected.

She likes boxing programs, which made her became attracted to a South African professional boxing champion during a boxing competition program.

You know when you are in love, you can live only on your lover’s smile.

According to reports, she boldly asked for the boxer’s contact information, and express her love towards him. Things move so fast, i mean they were both fell in love.

Chinese Girl Who Found Love in Africa Left Heartbroken After Giving Birth

Soon they got married and gave birth to two lovely mixed race babies, originally a very happy family of four.

Then something happened, champion insisted they return back to South Africa, and the Chinese girl who grew up in Hong Kong disagreed.

The disagreement made them opted for a divorce and unfortunately the both separated. The Chinese girl alone has to raise the twin alone. The boxer returned to South Africa by himself and now has a new family and children.

The Chinese girl who was envied by all for her bravery is now a single mother living with two children.

People usually say that as a woman, it’s really hard and sympathetic to raise children all alone. But the innocent children are the ones more affected. They’ll have to grow up without experiencing the love of a father.

It’s not a nice tale, but it actually happened.

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