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Don’t Read this Unless You’re a Lady! Mis­takes most Ladies Make

Dur­ing your 20s, men are troop­ing and every­one wants to mar­ry you. They are all over you. Your What­sApp doesn’t rest your mes­sen­ger is filled up, if you breath on Face­book, you will get 400 likes and 350 com­ments.

You can’t walk on the street with­out sssh­hh sssh­hh, your breasts are very come­ly at this time. Your lips are suc­cu­lent and your legs are smooth. Even if you are ugly, it doesn’t show much at this lev­el of your life because every­thing is still stand­ing tall. The back­side is still very nice­ly shaped and bounc­ing prop­er­ly.

Now, the mis­take most of the ladies make is this:

1. At this lev­el, you eas­i­ly dump guys in rela­tion­ship. Any lit­tle thing, you break up. In your mind, there are many fish­es in the ocean. Over 20 oth­er guys are both­er­ing you for rela­tion­ship, so you can eas­i­ly hook up with anoth­er guy. After six months, you break up again and start anoth­er one. You are like hot akara. You can­not bend down and build a sol­id rela­tion­ship nor learn how to tol­er­ate a man and work on your own self. At this age, fem­i­nism dey shack you well. You no send any­body. You no wan hear advice at all. For your mind, this kind post na rub­bish.

2. At this lev­el, some ladies want to show every­thing: the boobs are still stand­ing, so she can snap to show it. The but­tocks are nice, so she can dis­play it any­how. You sell the roman­tic skin like akara. Every guy in the neigh­bor­hood is com­ing to take his own share. Even mar­ried men are col­lect­ing their own. Every­one is col­lect­ing and walk­ing away. For your mind, mar­riage no go hard.


3. At this point, you don’t lack any­thing. Men are giv­ing you all you need. You’re not work­ing but your air­time is nev­er below 10k on the phone. Shoes and clas­sic clothes are unac­count­able in your wardrobe, yet you are not doing any job. Life is beau­ti­ful and that’s exact­ly how your life is depre­ci­at­ing with speed.

A time will final­ly come when your age has real­ly increased very well. The boobs are need­ing pil­lar sup­port and the but­tocks are no longer come­ly any­more but rather ‘loos­ing’, the face has a lot of pim­ples and holes. Many things have gone wrong. The tum­my is out by the day, your local gov­ern­ment is begin­ning to have some kind of mature odour and the armpits are dark­er. The waist tires are form­ing with speed.

At this point, days turn to months and month turn to years. It will always look near­ly, but some­thing will just hap­pen, the guy will dis­ap­pear. You will start fol­low­ing anoth­er guy with hope for mar­riage, like play like play, that one go just chop you run away.

The fear and wor­ry of menopause will even make you age faster. By this time, all the mul­ti­ple guys you slept with both the ones from a cursed fam­i­ly and the ones from ances­tral curs­es, when you were lift­ing your legs to the ceil­ing and twist­ing your body like snake in bed. All those things that make guys rush after you are gone like a movie.

At this time, you become emer­gency Chris­t­ian. All your posts are about Jesus and church things. Any com­ment you make, Jesus must enter. Even when foot­ball is being dis­cussed you must find a way to add Jesus to it. For your mind, you dey deceive guys abi? You want them to see wife mate­r­i­al in you. Sud­den­ly you learn man­ners, all the mul­ti­ple peo­ple you had rela­tions with, the bat­tle is now more spir­i­tu­al than phys­i­cal. All the curs­es mar­ried women were lay­ing on you for sleep­ing with their hus­bands are now con­trol­ling your life.

Not even Mary Kay can remove all that mess!

At 40, a guy is still young but a lady of 35 is more like a “Chris­t­ian moth­er.”

What is my point? Make haste while the sun shines to avoid ‘had I known.’ Don’t while away your time play­ing games with men.

I am not say­ing a lady can­not mar­ry at 35 nei­ther am I say­ing one should rush into mar­riage nei­ther am I mock­ing those who are above 30 and still sin­gle, I still am not say­ing only those who mar­ry at 25 have the best mar­riages. I am only say­ing, don’t waste your time sleep­ing around when you should accept a man and set­tle down.

Imag­ine you are around 30–35 years, at this point, only men of old­er age like 40–45 will come to mar­ry you because young guys of 30–35 won’t like to mar­ry a lady of 30–35 but unfor­tu­nate­ly, those guys of 40–45, most of them are mar­ried. They even mar­ried girls of 22–27. They will still look so young at 40 but a lady of 35 will look like their senior sis­ter. Ladies age faster. That’s why a girl of 16 can be look­ing so mature, guys would be woo­ing her but a guy of 18 would still be look­ing like 13 years old boy. It also applies to old age.

This might not actu­al­ly be applic­a­ble in all cas­es, not all sin­gle ladies at 30s were slay queens, but the mes­sage remains, “make hay while the sun shines.

(This post is not meant to offend any­one, but to pass a mes­sage from the writer)

Abel Wealth (COPIED)

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