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Snuffing is more deadly than smoking cigarettes, here’s why

Snuffs are just as harmful as cigarettes, probably even more harmful in most cases of high addiction, it goes directly to the bloodstream of users. Many people don’t know snuffing is very harmful to the health because they feel it’s smokeless, so most definitely, it’s going to be less harmful. Snuffs are also products of tobacco that contains high level of nicotine, made from dried grinded tobacco leaves containing harmful and addictive chemicals just like cigarettes.

Snuffs exist in two forms; dry and wet and can either be inhaled through the nostrils, chewed or placed on the gum. The origin of snuffs can be traced back to America, and then Europe before Africa adopted it. Some of the health implications of snuffs are listed below:

  1. Snuff causes different kinds of cancers like:
    a. Nassal cancer
    b. Oral cancer
    c. Esophageal cancer
    d. Pancreatic cancer
  2. It makes you susceptible to:
    a. Stroke
    b. High blood pressure
    c. Some cardiovascular diseases

Taking of the wet snuffs also causes mouth odour, premature birth or still birth if taken by pregnant women.

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