Finally, See What Happened to the Woman Who Slept With A Dead Man to Have Twins

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Finally, See What Happened to the Woman Who Slept With A Dead Man to Have Twins

Finally, See What Happened to the Woman Who Slept With A Dead Man to Have Twins.

As the mumbling goes, that wanders will never end, there is no doubt about this. A woman rehearses how she was courageous enough to sleep with a dead man and got pregnant and gave birth to twins.

This according to information sighted, the woman is in her 30s whose name has been withered for some justifications.

According to her, she is married and has resided with her husband for about fifteen years without a sole child. She said the family members of the man always mount pressure on her, thinking she’s behind their inability or weird happening to produce children. Her mother-in-law in especial anxiously keeps demanding her of her grandchildren.

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She said a friend introduced her to the powerful man of God. They both went to see this man the following day. ” I paid a consultation of Ghc200 before I was allowed to speak my problems”, the woman narrated.

The man of God inquired of her to sleep with a dead man before she can conceive a child. Therefore, she quickly toured to a nearby mortuary and after explaining her problems to the mortuary attendant she was permitted to sleep with a dead man.

She further told said that the following month she got pregnant and gave birth to identical twins. This is very strange. She never had intercourse with her husband during this period to confirm what the pastor instructed her to do.

She became the happiest woman on earth upon realizing she was pregnant after sleeping with a dead body in the mortuary her greatest which she has still not told her husband.

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Her only friend together with the pastor are the only people who knew how she got pregnant and conceived

Chaos arosed as the woman started having nightmares of the the dead man who she slept with demanding for his children in her anytime she closes her eyes. This started happening 3 days after she conceived the twins.

She’s now forced to tell her husband what she had done before he starts suspecting her weird behavior at night as she’s being tormented by the dead man for his babies.

Oh no! ! Things didn’t t gone well for her upon narrating the whole story to her husband. He tortured her and threw her out of his house together with her ” ghost baby twins ” claiming he wanted nothing to do with the children of a ghost who has turned in tormenting her every night for his babies.

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One at her back and the other in her arms, she took her babies and headed on to her friend who introduced her to the powerful man of God for assistance for him to explain what her situation meant if God really wanted her to have those babies through a dead corpse as he instructed.

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The man of God only promised to help stop her torment so he gave her some herbs and anointing oil with instructions and promised her, that day was the last she’s ever going to see the dead man she rap£d and got impregnated

That very day as she took to a nearby cemetery to perform the rituals as instructed by the man of God, she felt a heavy slap on her face which landed her on the ground. She took to her heel in tears to confess all that she had done in public believing that’s the only way to be forgiven.

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