If You Wish to Became a Successful Leader, Here are 4 Things You Must Know

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Today I won’t be talking about myself but about what really bugs me about Leadership because it affects so many young people around me.

Here are four things people who want to become great leaders should know.

1. Grow people’s potential

remember the story of the persons who were given talents in the Bible and some returned with twice the originally given. You will have to invest in the growth of others.

2. Ability to manage emotions

we all have emotions, if your first response to everything is reaction, you will never get a good response. Nothing stops you from having constructive conversations.

3. Improve Your Social Skills

Three in every five calls I receive talk about culture…I received a call last week where I spoke for 2 hours regarding a post .We should be having a mindset change as leaders. It is not great to encourage poor culture because it is norm. The route to this is employee disengagement.

4. Communication

This one is a little tricky but if done well can turn around work productivity and happiness velocity. Learn verbal and non verbal cues.

People say a lot of things with expressions. When you know how to show empathy; you win hearts.

Finally, lean on the Holy Spirit to guide your emotions and temperament He’s there to help you.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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