Love360 – Dear Aunty, Were do you Stand?

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Dear Aunty,

Yes it is his duty to find you, but it is your duty to put yourself in a position to be found. Imagine if Eve wasn’t following God when Adam woke up?

It was SUPER easy for Adam to recognize the right woman because of the ALMIGHTY presence that was with her, He didn’t need to look twice, there was no need for any check and balance, the decision was easy for him because she was standing with the ONE who he is familiar with, his Lord, the Father who gives bread, buttered with tea, a Friend who has no attribute of mistakes anywhere in His history.

• Aunty where are you standing?
• What position are you putting yourself to be found by the right man?

Don’t take a position with heavy makeup and foundation, don’t stand beside your fancy see-through dresess and limpopo hairstyle, slay photos on social media is not the best position to hang either, stand with Christ, that’s the best position you can put yourself, that’s the only spot where meeting the right person is guaranteed… You know why? Because the wrong people are afraid to go there.

James Ifeanyi Onuorah


Professional freelancer and webmaster.

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