When choosing a wife, these are some of the things men considers, so ladies be on the look-out and learn something new. 1. “Ability To Hold Conversations“ Men love to talk too. They value conversations with the one they love. No man wants to come home to a wife with […]

“Dad, can you loan me Five Hundred Thousand Naira?” Kola asked his father. “What for son?”, his father asked. “For my wedding. By our calculations, we’re falling short meeting the cost”. Kola had come to meet his parents with his fiancé. “Your wedding? How much is the total cost of […]

The ability of your relationship to withstand and overcome turbulent situations is a factor of how matured you’ve made your relationship become. I grew up in a farm, so I understand what it takes to have good and profitable harvests. Every seed has a maturity date to become a full grown […]

LOVE IS SIMPLE, JUST RELAX & WAIT In a world full of complicated people, you just want someone who reminds you of the word “simple”. A person who you can enjoy having real conversations with while you lose track of time. It would be nice to have someone call you […]

Some of us were brought up in a home where the whole family gets up at 5am for devotion every single day, even on sundays. A family where the prayer culture has eaten deep into you, so strongly that even when you’re not home you still get up at 5am […]

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