Man Captures Evil Spirit on Camera While Taking Selfie

Man Captures Evil Spirit on Camera While Taking Selfie

Man Captures Evil Spirit on Camera While Taking Selfie.

A popular Facebook Evangelist, Pastor Daniel O. Ukaegbu shared the amazing story of a man who captured photo of an evil spirit that’s been giving him bad luck and limiting his favour while taking selfie.

According to Pastor Daniel, the Man who’s based in US and also a Minister of God couldn’t enjoy the favour of God as a result of the evil spirit tormenting him.

A man called me last night from the United States and he is a Minister of God but anywhere he goes, despite the Anointing of God upon his life, people keep rejecting him. No one wants to show him favour..So he called me for Prayers and also sent me a picture of himself that he took…

The striking thing is that, he was the only person in the room when he took the Picture(Selfie) but if you look carefully, you will see something like an IMAGE behind him…

So he was surprised that there was an image in the background and wanted to know who was that. When I looked at that picture, immediately the Holy Spirit informed me that the IMAGE was an Evil Spirit that has been following him and causing people to reject him…

Then, as I began to pray for him over the Phone, the Fire of God came upon him right there in America and he began to speak in other tongues… I commanded that “spirit of Disfavour” to leave him!

Afterwards, I asked him to snap himself again and when he sent it, the Demonic spirit had disappeared! He was free! Hallelujah

Listen, you may be a Christian, tongue talking and Still be pursued by demonic spirit! You may not see it but it often drives favour away from you, people just see you and don’t want to help you. You seem to be qualified yet, you are not chosen! Others may be getting something but once it is your turn, they stop helping people.

For ladies, no matter how beautiful you are, any man who comes to you just leaves mysteriously. That devil is a bastard!

This may sound strange but its happening to many Christians! I was told of a man who any time he is on the Altar Preaching, members always see him wearing the clothes of a Native Doctor!

Tonight, God sent me to put an end to all satanic spirits hanging around your life!

I release Fire upon every spirit driving favour away from you! Any demonic spirit following you is burnt by Fire tonight in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Be Free and Be Favoured from today henceforth in Jesus Name, Amen!

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