Miracle Baby Survives After Falling Underneath a Moving Train in India

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Miracles are real, a one year old baby miraculously escaped death without a scratch after falling under a moving train at a railway station in India.

The Child had slipped out of her mother’s arms and onto the tracks as her parents got off the train at Mathura in Uttar Predesh on Tuesday.

Her family and worried bystanders on the platforms waited with bated breath as the four coaches of the train passed over the baby at speed. Fortunately, the child landed in just the right spot on the tracts, with the wheels of the train missing her by a matter of inches.

A man can be seen scrambling on to the tracks and lifting the baby to safety, before handing her over to her received parents. Her father, Sonu, told The Times India that his wife had been pushed by another passenger.


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