Covid-19 23 New Cases Confirmed in Nigeria. With 174 new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) reported in Nigeria, the global pandemic is assuming a new dimension in the country. Twenty-three new cases – nine in Lagos State, seven in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), five in Akwa Ibom State, one in […]

Nigerian Police Force in partnership with National Human Rights Commission have released numbers to call in case of any Human Right Violations by Security Operative During the Lock-down. The numbers are: 08037875427, 080179371339, 08034354537, 07033398657. Stay safe and always remember to wash your hands regularly. We care! From all of […]

Police are Searching for the Makeup Artist Who Did This. Imagine you toast a fine girl and invited her home, the next morning after she finished brushing and washing her face, you discovered the real monster behind the makeup, what would you do? Facebook users are calling for the arrest […]

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