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Pyno was Regarded a Stranger to the Public, this is How He Looks Like Before fame

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Phyno is a Nigerian born rapper known for his dynamic kind of rap in Igbo language now copied by many. Right before his shine, Phyno had some great friends he looked up to and also learnt from. Friends such as TJ, Slow Dog, Mr raw and late Mc loph.

Someone wrote something quite unique and inspirational about Phyno’s metamorphosis from street to fame, read on…

I saw this picture somewhere and I decided to share what I learnt from it with you.

The picture you see below is self explanatory.

Looking at the picture, there are many life lessons in it.

There are three persons in the picture as you can see below but only two names were mentioned. The last person was referred to as “Friend”. This shows that the two were well known as of the time the picture was taken and the unnamed guy was a stranger to the public. He was just opportune to dine and be in the same picture with celebrities.

Now, let’s ignore those celebrities and talk about the unknown guy that was circled with a red ink. That guy is who we know today as Phyno. Phyno-fyno as he’s popularly called. Today, Phyno is the real deal. I normally tell people that one day an unripe mango will become a ripe mango. All it needs is to stick to the branch and wait for its time. All Phyno needed was to learn before he earn.

He didn’t focus his attention in earning before learning. If he did, he wouldn’t be the unique indigenous successful rapper he is today. He got stuck with the masters and learned from them; Mc loph, Mr raw, slowdog etc. He combined the knowledge he got from them and formed his brand. He didn’t copy any of them because he understood the concept of uniqueness, and he was patient enough to wait for his time. Remember, patience is a nice virtue.

Now, to you.

You are in competition with no one. Stop giving yourself unnecessary stress.
Forget about the cars, houses, shoes and clothes that people flaunt on social media. Most of them are fake. Concentrate on being better than you were yesterday. Consistency is the key. Remember, our times are different. Once it’s your time, even your enemies will favour you, directly or indirectly.

Tj and slowdog’s time has gone, today it’s Phyno’s. His era will still come to an end and another person will take the barton. The sun rules the day while the moon rules the night.

As people are thriving in the Music Industry, some are thriving in comedy, movie industry and other fields.

Discover where you belong to and begin to thrive there. There’s no point creating enemies for yourself, your stepping stone can be anybody just like your stumbling block can be anybody.

In all you do, remember that some people will be better than you just like you are better than others. So, shove jealousy.

Some will overtake you like you overtook others. Overtaking is allowed. I’m sure you know that.

The way up is down and the way down is up.

Help people when you need to, not when you want to.

Before I wrap it up, bear this in mind.

In life, you learn, unlearn and relearn in order to be successful. The day you stop learning, you’ll become outdated and start dying.

Keep learning.

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