List of people that stay awake at night, Surprising Number 17 is Strictly for Slay Queens

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One of the things slay queens do is demand for recharge card every now and then, even at 18 years, this slay queen always wait up late night for her boyfriend to send her recharge card.

The poor guy who is just 22 years old who works as a mechanic became fed up and decide to expose her by sharing her photos on social media and we think she looks pretty cool.

It’s not only slay queens that stay up late at night, we have made a list of other people who are also late birds.

Here are the list of top 20 people who stay awake overnight

1 whatssappers
2 yahooBoys
3 serious students
4 breastfeeding mothers
5 gatemen
6 nurses/doctors
7 witches/wizards
8 police
9 prayer warriors
10 ladies that are heart broken
11 prostitutes
12 women looking for fruit of d womb
13 facebookers
14 movie watchers
15 barmen
16 bet9ja bookers
17 girls waiting for Airtime
18 pregnant women
19 Glo users
20 Native doctors.

Which number do you belong to ???

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    Hey me too! 63 hours! I had the auditory hallucinations too. The straw that broke the camels back was, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a portal in the wall with a shadowy tentacle coming out. I didn t tell my group anything. I just left the lab, went to my dorm, got a few hours of sleep, then came back. How do you stay up that long? After 2 days that s all I can take and if I am up I m basically staring at a wall because I can t concentrate enough to do anything.

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