Sad Story of Of How A 14-Year-Old Girl Died Of Infection After A Used Condom Was Reportedly Found In Her Pr!v@te Part

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Sad Story of Of How A 14-Year-Old Girl Died Of Infection After A Used Condom Was Reportedly Found In Her Pr!v@te Part

Sad Story of Of How A 14-Year-Old Girl Died Of Infection After A Used Condom Was Reportedly Found In Her Pr!v@te Part.

A 14- year- old student of Premiere Academy, Lugbe, Abuja, has died of an infection after a condom was reportedly found in her private parts.

The story of the secondary school teenager has raised a lot of. controversies and social media reactions from Nigerians.

How It All Started

The Senior Secondary School One Student (SS1) identified as Karen- Happuch Akpagher, was believed to have been abused se×ually before her mother, Mrs. Vihimga Akpagher, withdrew her from school on 19 June 2021, for treatment. Unfortunately, Karen died two days later at a hospital in Wuse 2 area of Abuja.

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Mrs Akpagher, while speaking to journalists disclosed that some days before her death, she had received a distress call from her daughter asking her to come and take her home from the school because she was sick.

She said her daughter remained adamant and even cried that she wanted to go home, despite the school’s unwillingness to release the pupil and assurances that there was no need to panic.

Mrs Akpagher said, ” When I called the principal, he said my daughter would need to be isolated for five days (upon return). I felt let me go home since the school said they could take care of her. On my way home, my daughter called back through the school phone and asked where I was. I told her I came but turned back and she started crying.

” So, I got angry and asked her why she is stressing me since she would be returning home soon for holidays. So, she asked to speak with her uncle. She said, ‘ you people don’t know why I am asking you to come to pick me and you are leaving. “

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Sad Story of Of How A 14-Year-Old Girl Died Of Infection After A Used Condom Was Reportedly Found In Her Pr!v@te Part

The devastated mother said the house mother of the school had informed her that Karen could barely walk a day before and advised that she should be taken to the hospital for a proper medical check-up.

Mrs Akpagher said, she picked up her daughter but when she was brought home, she acted usual and seemed withdrawn.

” When we got home, she wasn’t her usual happy self. She switched off all the lights. She could not even look at us in the face… She slept throughout that day and ate some food.

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” But by the early morning of Monday (June 21), I saw her condition had deteriorated and took her to the hospital and while examining her, the doctor saw a discharge, tested the discharge, and saw that it was a condom that was left in her. They tested her urine and saw that it contained sperm and like that, infection and sepsis led to her death, ” Mrs. Akpagher added.

Sad Story of Of How A 14-Year-Old Girl Died Of Infection After A Used Condom Was Reportedly Found In Her Pr!v@te Part

When asked if her daughter disclosed the identity of the person who defiled her, Mrs Akpagher said, ” I picked her up on June 19 and she died on June 21. She slipped into a coma and died. She was traumatised. “

When asked how sure she was that her daughter was defiled at school and not at home, Mrs. Akpagher said, ” My daughter was diabetic. If that thing had been in her for one month, she would have died long ago. “

The Response From The School Management

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Sad Story of Of How A 14-Year-Old Girl Died Of Infection After A Used Condom Was Reportedly Found In Her Pr!v@te Part

The school management however released an official statement to that effect, stating that the deceased was a student of the school until her demise on Tuesday 22nd June, 2021.

The statement further disclosed that the deceased on admission, according to a medical report and her mother’s attestation, was diagnosed with a Type 1 Diabetic Melitus at the age of nine.

The statement read, ” We deeply commiserate with the Family of Karen Akpagher who was a student of Premiere Academy Lugbe, Abuja until her demise on Tuesday, 22nd June 2021. She was admitted into the Academy (JS 2) on 16th April 2019 but she resumed on Sunday, 28th April 2019.

” On admission, according to the medical report and her mother’s attestation, Karen Akpagher was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes Mellitus at the age of nine (9) and had been on Insulin Injection. The Insulin Injection was handed over to our clinic by her mother Mrs. Akpagher, Vlhimga Vivien and we judiciously administered the Insulin to her twice each day until she left the school in a healthy condition on 19th June, 2021.

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“All through her stay at Premiere Academy, Keren’ s health was managed with a controlled diet and frequent monitoring of her blood sugar level by our well- trained health officials at the clinic. The last fasting blood sugar test she did on Thursday the 17th June, 2021 was 114mg/dl.

” On 17th June, 2021, Karen Akpagher visited the school’ s clinic with a complaint of redness of the eye. Her mother Mrs. Akpagher requested that she should be taken to see an Ophthalmologist on Saturday, 19th June, 2021 and she was taken for the appointment on the morning of that same day.

” On her return to the school on that same day (Saturday), her mother further requested to pick her home because Karen insisted on going home for the weekend. An exeat was granted and she went home with her mother in a healthy condition.

” On Monday morning- 21st June, 2021, we learned she became ill and was hospitalised. On hearing that as a school, we mobilised immediately and visited her at the hospital– Queen’ s Clinic Wuse, Abuja. It was heart- rending when we heard of her demise the next day– Tuesday, 22nd June, 2021.

” Before her death, Karen Akpagher was an easy- going student who never appeared before the Academy’ s Disciplinary Committee on any issue.

” Since the demise of Karen Akpagher, there have been speculations and unfounded statements concerning her death on social media, especially on WhatsApp. We hereby inform the public that whatever message they have come across on social media is unfounded. As a school, we are committed to ascertaining the cause of Karen’ s death because the life of every student at Premiere Academy matters.

” Last week, Thursday, (24th June, 2021), the school was invited to the Police Investigation Department and a full- scale investigation has commenced by the Police Investigation Unit. We will cooperate with the unit as we find out the cause of Karen’ s death.

” At this point, we enjoin all interested parties and the public instead of peddling unfounded statements, to assist the investigation process as we ascertain the cause of Karen’ s death.

” We sincerely sympathise with the family- our prayers are with you. Do accept our heartfelt condolences! “

Sad Story of Of How A 14-Year-Old Girl Died Of Infection After A Used Condom Was Reportedly Found In Her Pr!v@te Part

Further Reaction By The Head Of Communications Department Of The School

When Dele Onakoya, the Head of Communications Department was contacted, he said he was aware of the matter but denied the allegations.

Onakoya said, ” It is not true. But the school is aware of the matter which we are saying is not true. Why we would not like to comment much on the issue is that the matter is before the police and the right thing to do is allow them to dig deep and get to the root of the matter.

” Any response from the school might compromise their investigation. We don’ t want to be seen as covering up anything. We trust in the ability of the police to get to the root of the matter and tell the public what actually happened. “

Chris Akinsonwon- Principal of Premiere Academy, Lugbe

Social Media Reactions By Nigerians And Other Interest Groups

There have been a lot of social media reactions on the case of late Miss Akpagher, a tweeter user identified as @ObaNaughty, tweeted, ‘ ‘ I took time to read the story of Karen Akpagher; the 14- year- old girl of Premiere Academy in Abuja that allegedly died with condom inside her private part.

‘ ‘ Terrible news, It’ s good the school is ready to cooperate with the parent so as to get to the bottom of this. ‘ ‘

Another social media user identified as @ChuGailx, said in a tweet, ‘ ‘ Hey y’ all, I don’ t think this has gotten to twitter yet. But this 12 year old was rap£d while in boarding school. Premier academy Abuja. She is dead. Autopsy found Sepsis from condom in her Vaginal and Anal area. Please her family needs Justice. #justiceforkeren’ ‘

Planned Rally/Protest By Interest Groups

Sad Story of Of How A 14-Year-Old Girl Died Of Infection After A Used Condom Was Reportedly Found In Her Pr!v@te Part

A group identified as, Coalition Of Gender Violence Responders and Men Against Rap£, reacting to the incident, had planned a mass rally on Friday, 9 July 2021, with the aim of ensuring that the matter is not swept under the carpet and to make sure the family of the deceased gets justice.

The rally was scheduled to hold at the Unity Fountain, Abuja at 7am.

Police Intervention And Role To Stop The Rally

The police had on Thursday invited the leader of the group identified as Lemmy Ughebe for questioning over allegedly inciting public disturbance.

This was disclosed in a copy of the invitation letter dated, 8 July 2021 and signed by Fom Pam Joseph, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, FCT Police Command, Abuja.

The document, with ref. no. AR 3000/FCT/X/D9/Vol. 62/38 reads, ” This office is investigating a case of inciting public disturbance, wherein your name featured prominently.

” In view of the above, you are requested to interview the undersigned through the officer in charge of Gender Section, Criminal Investigation Department, Abuja, today, 8/7/21. “

However, the leader of the group, Lemmy Ughebe had accused the police of stalling the autopsy by refusing to release the medical report of Karen to Pathologists.

Ughegbe said, ” The police went to my wife’ s school to arrest me. They didn’ t come to my office in Utako. See the letter by the same DCP that stalled the autopsy last Saturday by refusing to release the medical report to the pathologist. “

Mariam Yusuf, the Police Public Relations Officer, when contacted, said, ” We are investigating the matter. “

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