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See What Some Police Men Where Caught Doing On Duty By Human Right Activists Aisha Yesufu

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Right Activists Aisha Yesufu
Human Right Activists Aisha Yesufu

See What Some Police Men Where Caught Doing On Duty By Human Right Activists Aisha Yesufu.

As a social and political activist, Aisha Yesufu has had numerous face-off with security operatives, especially the police, during demonstrations. She became a renowned activist in 2014 following the abduction of the Chibok girls, and her presence was also felt in the just concluded protest against police brutality.

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She has been using her social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter to propagate several of her ideas which she believes would make the nation great, and also what she stands for. A recent video of what she caught some police officers doing which she shared on her Instagram account has got people talking.

One of the many duties of the police is to restore law and order, safeguard lives and properties, and to be disciplined in discharging their duties. That is why they go through several rigorous stages of training and orientations before they put on the uniform.

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Aisha Yesufu who for some reason was at Unity Fountain in Abuja caught some policemen having a ‘leisure’ time by playing cards.

Right Activists Aisha Yesufu

Here’s what she wrote:

They say “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” the police are humans and they have blood flowing through their veins and just like every civilian, they deserve to have some fun time because they work twice as much. But every security personnel know that it is wrong to mix fun with work.

Right Activists Aisha Yesufu

It is unclear if they were still on duty or not, but surely they know that the nature of their work demands them to be alert all through. What do you think of this? Some people have guessed that they probably were on their break time.


See hilarious reactions below:

Right Activists Aisha Yesufu

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