December 1, 2023

1 thought on “The full story of the Girl Who Claimed to Have Seen Michael Jackson and POPE In Hell

  1. BULLSHIT. I n many fans have seen Michael in dreams always happy n peaceful. I have seen him countless times with beautiful shinning white clothes with 2 angels in heaven the happiest I have ever seen him. Not once not twice but countless times. His daughter said the same. She also saw his daddy many times. As for your info, God made HELL for DEMONS as them the fuel to the fire n not the master. Almighty God only has the army of ANGELS, NO DEVILS, period. As far as this woman is concerned, she’s not the first one to lie for money. The antichrist in this world can easily use the religion to believe their crap as they know the weakness of people. God bless u eternally Michael.ameen God n I r with u forevermore.

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