The Origin of Anklet (Leg Chain) and Its Significance Most Ladies Don’t Know

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The Origin of Anklet (Leg Chain) and Its Significance Most Ladies Don't Know

The Origin of Anklet (Leg Chain) and Its Significance Most Ladies Don’t Know.

In this modern era, fashionistas wear what they want or feel like wearing to make a statement. This is what makes a trend. Fashion trends come about when fashionistas push themselves to stand out in the crowd. They are certain trends that wear forbidden in the past or were known to describe a certain category of people when worn. But now that boundary has been broken. Fashionistas of today dare to do the unthinkable! Is anklet still a sign of prostitution or is its fashion? Read on.


An anklet, also called an ankle chain, ankle bracelet, is an ornament worn around the ankle. Anklets are a fun and flirty accessory for spicing up casual attire or adding a finishing touch to more formal outfits.

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The Origin of Anklet (Leg Chain) and Its Significance Most Ladies Don't Know

History/Origin Of Anklets

Anklets date back to ancient times. They were discovered in Sumerian tombs that were 4,500 years old. They were the first people to wear anklets. These artifacts were crafted from various stones and metals that were both precious and common in nature.

In ancient times Egyptians wore anklets to indicate their social status. A woman wearing a golden or silver bracelet decorated with precious stones on her ankle was obviously stating about her being a wife of a wealthy man, while the slaves or plebeians were usually wearing leather or metallic anklets or else anklets out of shells and in most cases they served as just amulets and talismans.

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Also in Ancient India, married women would wear ankle bracelets adorned with charms. This way, men could hear them coming and stop talking about the disrespectful things in front of them.

The Origin of Anklet (Leg Chain) and Its Significance Most Ladies Don't Know

In the United States, both casual and more formal anklets became fashionable from the 1930s to the late twentieth century. While in western popular culture both younger men and women may wear casual leather anklets, they are popular among barefoot women. Formal anklets (of silver, gold, or beads) are used by some women as fashion jewelry.

In some cultures, women wore anklets to show bravery in their tribes against their rivals. Some anklets had bells on them and the sound signified that a female was around so the males needed to behave.

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Present Day Anklets

They are so many rumors about anklets being worn to signify prostitution this has made it difficult for some cultures or homes to accept this present-day fashion accessory. Most people are called sluts, loose women and Ashewos because of anklets. Is anklet still a sign of prostitution or its fashion?

Basing your assumption on just one part of the history of anklets isn’t right. Queen mothers in Ghana wear ankle bracelets. Cultural dancers wear ankle bracelets to perform. Do they wear them to portray their promiscuity or allegiance to a marine god?  If we have a problem with the wearing of ankle bracelets as a people, then we should equally have a problem with the wearing of waist beads, wrist bracelets, and necklaces.

The Origin of Anklet (Leg Chain) and Its Significance Most Ladies Don't Know


Unless you work from home or somewhere embracing a casual dress code, casual anklets don’t belong in the office.

Dainty anklets in gold or silver are the exception for work or formal occasions. They are perfectly suited for an office environment or even the opera. 

You should also avoid wearing an anklet with chimes if you’re visiting somewhere quiet like a library, a church, or a cemetery. The last thing you want is to annoy people with your taste in jewelry.

Here are a few places you can confidently rock your anklet with pride:

· The beach

· Poolside

· Meeting up with friends

· While on vacation

· At a festival

· At a party meeting new people


Anklets come in all styles and colors. Here are some popular options:


These exude class and sophistication, especially if they showcase precious gemstones. Typically, golden anklets come as a delicate singular chain or two dainty ones stacked on one another.

These models are best worn to a special occasion, paired with a beautiful pair of black pumps. Or, you could try matching a golden anklet with an elegant pair of heels. Both of these looks work really well.


These are more casual than golden anklets; they’re perfect for injecting a touch of boho-chic to any evening outfit. When teamed together with a glamorous pair of summer sandals, you have a classic look!

Top Tip: If your sterling silver anklet is dainty (as opposed to chunky), avoid big necklaces and bracelets. Instead, opt for jewelry that picks up the metal hues, such as a silver-toned toe ring or a simple silver chain necklace.

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For those of you who aren’t in the know, barefoot anklets start at the ankle, stretch down the top of your foot, and end with a toe ring.

This mimics the look of a sandal without a sole — hence the name ‘barefoot anklet.’ They’re the perfect addition to your festival or beach outfit.


Beaded anklets are the ideal addition to anyone looking to spice up a club dress, add some flirty fun to a romper, or to round off a bohemian-themed outfit. You could even layer several beaded station anklets for a really unique look! Again, this style of ankle bracelet is extremely versatile as it’s perfect for heading down to the beach, hitting the bar, or going to a ball. Rock your favorite footwear and you’re good to go!

If in doubt, pick a plain colored anklet. This is a fabulous staple to have because you can pair it with virtually any outfit.

Facts About Anklets

Anklets are fashion accessory and wearing them do not distinguish social class or prostitution. In today’s modern world, everyone is allowed to wear what they want unless it’s against the rules of where you are going (wearing anklets to work is a no-no). Feel free and make a statement, just know the appropriate wear for the right occasion and you’re good to go.

Ladies be yourself!



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