Things Not to Do In a Relationship to Avoid Regrets

Don’t Be Confused!

Relationship isn’t the same as Marriage. It doesn’t matter if you’re Engaged with an Expensive Diamond Ring or if you had an Elaborate Introduction Ceremony. You’re not married until you Legally Accept Vows of Marriage at the Alter. So you might need to be mindful of the sacrifices you make in a Relationship, thinking it would lead to Marriage. And whatever help you’re giving to a partner, don’t do it with Marriage in View.

√ Sponsoring a lady through school with the reward of marriage.

√ Refusing an offer to study abroad because your boyfriend said you should stay back.

√ Selling your family property to sponsor a fiance’s America ambition.

√ Having a joint account with a boyfriend/girlfriend

√ Giving your life savings to a boyfriend to start a business…

You know what? You can do any of those 👆because love is blind sometimes, but don’t expect Marriage as a Reward. Just consider it as helping a friend who can’t pay you back.

This would lessen the pain of a break up, just in case it happens.

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