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This Love Let­ter

To: Gladys Bio­la Osho­di

This Love Let­ter…

I could recall the first moment I set my eyes on you, walk­ing gra­cious­ly on the street, I think you were on your way out, you bare­ly noticed my dan­ger­ous gaze as i prey on your beau­ty.

I would­n’t say it was love at first sight, there are no such thing as love at first sight and I don’t belong to that school of thought.

Nonethe­less I noticed there was some­thing spec­tac­u­lar about you. I felt that aura of peace around you. It’s some­thing that hard­ly comes by. You’re so like­able.

Even while you left me cold at my first approach when I enquiry of your num­ber, there was still that strong urge to press and per­sist.

You see dear love, i have learnt one dynam­ic les­son of life; noth­ing good comes easy. If it’s cheap, you would­n’t val­ue it. Refus­ing to give me your num­ber was some­what intrigu­ing and fas­ci­nat­ing, It made me even desire to know your much more, so I pushed.

Now love, i wish to unfold this secret to you. At first, I was scared of some­thing, “myself”, know­ing where I came from and all the things I’ve been through and how I tend to expect so much from rela­tion­ships.

I am con­ser­v­a­tive and reserved, that’s just my nature I hard­ly loosen up. Its both a bless­ing and a curse.

I was scared my nature of want­i­ng more might spike you away, alas I was wrong. You proofed to be the most under­stand of all women, like I could tell you vir­tu­al­ly every­thing and you would­n’t judge.

And yes I did.

Pri­or to meet­ing you, I did pray for some­one sim­ple, car­ing and under­stand­ing. Some­one who will take me for me.

See am com­plex, and yes my love, this is a fact you’ve come to under­stand too. My sto­ry would be told some­day and it would be said that “a vir­tu­ous woman stood by him, and that’s you.”

Just before I drop my pen on this let­ter, baby, I wish to say this…

Any love with­out chal­lenge is not true love, it’s pre­tence.

I nev­er promised it’s going to be smooth all the time. Yet I know in all the hud­dles of our love escapades, we’ll strive and soar high like the eagle.

It’s too late to undo, cause all my heart is tak­en by you.

I might not be per­fect, yet my heart beats just for you. I could­n’t bor­row Shake­speare’s words, so i forged mine, because I believe in cre­at­ing my own world and it includes you.

I’ll hope this finds you in good tid­ings, I don’t know how to love anoth­er.

This love let­ter…

Should be imprint­ed on your ten­der heart always.

Yours for­ev­er,
Abel Wealth