December 5, 2023

This Love Letter

To: Gladys Biola Oshodi

This Love Letter…

I could recall the first moment I set my eyes on you, walking graciously on the street, I think you were on your way out, you barely noticed my dangerous gaze as i prey on your beauty.

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, there are no such thing as love at first sight and I don’t belong to that school of thought.

Nonetheless I noticed there was something spectacular about you. I felt that aura of peace around you. It’s something that hardly comes by. You’re so likeable.

Even while you left me cold at my first approach when I enquiry of your number, there was still that strong urge to press and persist.

You see dear love, i have learnt one dynamic lesson of life; nothing good comes easy. If it’s cheap, you wouldn’t value it. Refusing to give me your number was somewhat intriguing and fascinating, It made me even desire to know your much more, so I pushed.

Now love, i wish to unfold this secret to you. At first, I was scared of something, “myself”, knowing where I came from and all the things I’ve been through and how I tend to expect so much from relationships.

I am conservative and reserved, that’s just my nature I hardly loosen up. Its both a blessing and a curse.

I was scared my nature of wanting more might spike you away, alas I was wrong. You proofed to be the most understand of all women, like I could tell you virtually everything and you wouldn’t judge.

And yes I did.

Prior to meeting you, I did pray for someone simple, caring and understanding. Someone who will take me for me.

See am complex, and yes my love, this is a fact you’ve come to understand too. My story would be told someday and it would be said that “a virtuous woman stood by him, and that’s you.”

Just before I drop my pen on this letter, baby, I wish to say this…

Any love without challenge is not true love, it’s pretence.

I never promised it’s going to be smooth all the time. Yet I know in all the huddles of our love escapades, we’ll strive and soar high like the eagle.

It’s too late to undo, cause all my heart is taken by you.

I might not be perfect, yet my heart beats just for you. I couldn’t borrow Shakespeare’s words, so i forged mine, because I believe in creating my own world and it includes you.

I’ll hope this finds you in good tidings, I don’t know how to love another.

This love letter…

Should be imprinted on your tender heart always.

Yours forever,
Abel Wealth